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  • VeryPOed Level 1 (0 points)
    I think I've found an answer: Highlight the podcast and right click on it. Choose Get Info and go to the Options tab. Change the Media Type to Audiobook and accept it. Now your podcast shows up in the Books section in the correct order.

    Hope this helps.

    Apple *****, but so does Microsoft. I wish there were better options.
  • cute crow Level 1 (35 points)
    Thanks for that work-around VeryPOed. It does work.

    I guess the only possible downside is that maybe the subscription part of the podcast may be lost or affected? Perhaps not.

    But it certainly is a big help. Cheers
  • Stephen Schulte2 Level 2 (170 points)
    But we need a solution for those of us who want to keep Podcasts listed and identified as Podcasts. This is just awful (not your solution - that is elegant!) - but I mean the way Apple has restricted sorting in Podcasts-- YUCK! I will write for an enhancement and check-out what's going-on in LION.

    Sunday 27 March 2011
  • jamesfromlittle rock Level 1 (0 points)

    Try this:

    Create an audiobook in Itunes,

    Call it what you will,

    Move podcast to that audiobook,

    Sort on what you will,

    Right click "Copy to Play order",

    Copy audiobook to Ipod.


    Worked for me!

  • corso_sf Level 1 (0 points)

    Just make a playlist, drop the podcasts into it, and you can sort however you want.


    Changing the media type from podcasts to audio book doesn't always work for some reason.

  • User5910 Level 1 (0 points)

    I wanted to sort podcasts by name to find duplicates which you might find when the podcast starts downloading under a new name or there are SD and HD versions. I created a smart playlist with Album matching the podcast name and found I could sort the playlist by any column.

  • Fred Davenport Level 1 (0 points)

    Add me to the list. Recently after upgrading? to iTunes 10.5, and IOS5 I can no longer properly sort my podcasts.


    They are sorted by "rating" on my Mac Book Pro, but now with 10.5/IOS5, after syncing the Podcasts are no properley sorted by "ratings" on my iPhone.


    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Tux Kapono Level 1 (80 points)

    Still unresolved over three and a half years later, unreal.

  • srnelson Level 1 (0 points)

    iTunes 11.0.2 - problem persists.


    I'm trying to do something so simple:

    I have a bunch of podcasts on my iPod. I want to clear up some space by removing some of them. I'd like to sort my podcasts by size, largest first, so I can clean up biggest first. I can't do that. Every other file type: music, movies, tv, I can sort on any column. Podcasts, it's just Release Date.


    Someone advised creating a playlist with all the podcasts and sorting there. Yeah, that works, but if I delete from a playlist, it deletes it from the playlist not the iPod. So I have to go back and forth from my sorted playlist to the Podcasts folder, remove from the Podcast folder, then go back the sorted playlist, etc.


    Really, Apple?  I know that Apple has more things to work on to fix the horrendous user experience of iTunes in general, but add this one to the list.


    And, fwiw, I'm cc:ing this note to

  • turingtest2 Level 9 (69,303 points)

    A suitable smart playlist can display your podcasts. Shift-deleting from a smart playlist prompts to remove from the library as well as the device. Do you need to reclaim space from the device only or from your computer as well? If you sync then you can change options to only store a few episodes of each series on the device.



  • Classical Chuck Level 1 (0 points)

    I have a similar problem. I subscribe to DAR.FM -- to record radio programs. I can then download them to iTunes and to playlists. From DAR they come to me in 15 minute segments, so using playlists pulls them together and plays the whole program at once. Unfortunatey when the segments of the radio program are presented in DAR in the order in which they are recorded so when they are downloaded into iTunes they are presented in iTunes in that order. The order is in reverse -- the last segment of the program is recorded last and downloaded last. Then when I want to drag these segments into a playlist, I have to drag each segement -- starting with the last one (which was recorded first). There's no way to reorder the downloaded segments into alphabetical order, which would present them in the correct order so you can drag 4 segments at once to a playlist. do I sort the downloads (podcasts) into alphabetical order? I don't want them downloaded in chronological order! If they are sorted alphabetically, it'll be MUCH easier to drag them into playlists. The problem is even worse where DAR has recorded more than one prgram at the same time...then you get a list that is not just one program in reverse get two programs mixed together both of which are presented in revese order! If they are sorted alphabetically, the segement number will put them in the correct order.

    Why doesn't Applie give us a "sort" option for Podcasts?????

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