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Heyy guys.

So just a week ago a bought myself the new 3rd Gen iPod Touch and so far I am pretty satisfied with Apple's new product.


Just a couple of days ago, it seems that my iPod doesn't sync properly. When I plug it in to my laptop, everything goes as usual (syncing new material bought from iTunes from iPod, inputing the new data, etc.) until at the very end, a note pops up saying that the iPod isn't able to sync (error 13019)

So, yesterday i went to check the forums to see if i can fix this issue, and it turns out there is a solution. It is my understanding that its my music folder that is causing the problem, and it involves unchecking the 'sync music' box in the Music tab, and then syncing it again with the box checked once i removed all my music files. This seems to work.

*Here's the main problem:*

Although this solution works, syncing files have been real troublesome because the error (13019) keeps coming up every time when i sync my iPod. This means i need to remove all my music files, and then put them back in again when i want to sync my iPod. My music library is over 20Gb, and waiting for and hour and half for the music to go back in isn't fun.

So i post this question to ask: *Is there a way to permanently fix this?*

I will appreciate any help I can get. I look forward to your responses


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