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Mac OS X
I'm trying to get a Netgear DG834G to play nicely with a Time Capsule and hand DHCP and NAT off to it (so I can use the Guest Network feature). The encapsulation mode on this internet connection means that I need to use the DG834G to deal with the connection and hand DHCP and NAT off to the TC by enabling DMZ on the DG834G.

This works insofar as it provides a connection to the internet and allows me to use the Guest Network feature of the TC, however it doesn't provide compatibility with Back to My Mac because even though I've enabled DMZ on the DG834G it seems I can't disable the NAT on it or we lose the internet connection. So BTMM throws up a double-NAT error (and I haven't tested Apple Remote Desktop outside the network yet either but I really need this so hopefully it works even if I can't get BTMM to).

Is there anything I need configure on the DG834G to allow me to disable the NAT? I thought enabling DMZ allowed me to bypass the DG834G and pass everything off to the TC but it's obviously a bit more complicated than that.

For instance are the Static Routes settings relevant? Do I need to disable DHCP, UPnP, etc. on the DG834G?

Mac OS X (10.6.1)
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    I have the same issue trying to get Netgear DG834G to handle the ADSL via PPPoA and hand off the NAT/DHCP/Routing to the time capsule.

    I cannot use the the Netgear in Modem Only Mode since that doesn't support the PPPoA connection to my ISP. I have seen mention of using a static route on the Netgear, but don't understand how to set this up. I have a static IP from my ISP and just want the Netgear to forward all packets to the time capsule, but have no idea how to specify the static route for inbound traffic. Do I use my (public) static IP address as the 'Destination' in the routing table and send it to the 'Gateway' at a static address for the time capsule? I don't understand how static routes distinguish between inbound and outbound packets?

    Any help greatly appreciated.