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For last year, I play video on my 55¨plasma with a Mac mini. It works pretty well and during the movie I shut down the second display. I recently bought an use iMac-intel. I plug the plasma on the mini-dvi to vga---vga input on Plama TV. The image is perfect. My question is : is it absolutely necessary to use mirrored display in Front Row?. I am not able to close the display from iMac.

Any suggestion?

mac pro 2009+Mac Book pro, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
  • Douglas McLaughlin Level 9 Level 9 (63,750 points)
    You can have two displays with different settings. However, Front Row will only play in the "main" display, the one with the menubar and Dock. You can change the main display in the Displays System Preferences by dragging the little menubar from one display into the other on the Arrangement tab. The iMacs screen will stay on but be black when Front Row is playing on the TV.

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    Thank you for your help.
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    Is it also possible to have FrontRow displayed on 2 displays which ARE NOT mirrored?. I've got 2 displays (different resolutions) of which the bigger one is only for watching movies. The smaller one (Samsung U70: 800x480) is used to navigate trough FrontRow for music.
    If I mirror the displays, the reoslution of my bigger screen is also set to 800x480
    The main reason is, I control the mac mini by VNC on my PC, but a desktop resolution of 800x480 is way too small for most programs
  • Douglas McLaughlin Level 9 Level 9 (63,750 points)
    Sorry, but that's not possible.

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    this is idiotic! front row can NOT display on the display without the dock!? there must be oodles of people out there with TVs as the 2nd display. come on apple. put it in the prefs somewhere, as to which display to have front row output to!
  • Douglas McLaughlin Level 9 Level 9 (63,750 points)
    I would suggest you send Apple some Mac OS X feedback since there's no form specifically for Front Row:


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    This may be a related issue, so I am posting here.

    I am using a VNC client on a Mac Pro (10.4.11) to connect to a Mac Mini (10.6.1), which I am setting up as a media server. Using a VNC application on the Mac Pro, I can tunnel in and see the Mac Mini's finder, applications, etc. But when I load Front Row, everything fades to black. Any solution? (If I connect the Mac Mini directly to a monitor, Front Row works fine.) Thanks.