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Bob Hawkins Level 1 (70 points)
I've recently purchased a new iMac which was partitioned using Bootcamp by the seller who also installed a Chinese version of Windows. I find that the iSight camera is not showing in Skype and believe that he didn't install the drivers when he bootcamp'd the iMac. Where are the drivers located? I seem to remember that they were on the installation DVD before but I cannot find any setup.exe file on the installation discs.

MacBook Pro 15", iMac 24", Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Hi Bob,

    Apple provides the BootCamp Drivers on the Leopard/Snow Leopard Installation DVD.
    Since it is a hybrid-DVD the Drivers are only shown, when you insert the DVD while being in Windows.


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    I've been working on this all weekend and I've had little luck. It's a long story but here is the condensed version.

    Took me forever, but I finally got the Windows XP SP2 to install and run on my iMac Intel Core Duo. I couldn't get windows to read my snow leopard DVD so I could install the Boot Camp drivers. So, I tried downloading them from the apple website (which i had to do from the mac side since the windows side couldn't connect to my wireless network). I burned them to a CD and I put them on an external hard drive that I formatted for windows. The file could be seen by windows xp, but when I tried opening it nothing happened. Then I right clicked and chose "run..." and then a window popped up but said "can't open this file" and gave an error. Then I read that Windows XP SP2 OEM wasn't compatible. And I had OEM.

    So I tried VISTA instead. Which ***** because it requires so much more space, and all i want windows for is to play AION. So, I finally got Vista to install and it can't read the Snow Leopard disk either. I haven't tried download the vista boot camp file yet, but I'm going to tomorrow. I'm expecting it not to work either.

    I have pink eye. So please feel sorry for me and help me figure this out.
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    So, I installed vista and the vista boot camp drivers from apple.com/support/bootcamp and vista wouldn't even attempt to load the file.

    Any ideas?
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    Ok, I'm installing XP again, because clearly that wasn't the issue if Vista is having the same issue. With XP I can have a smaller partition so that is why I chose it over Vista (and I've heard vista *****). I found a website that said if I have trouble getting the snow leopard disk to load, then go to run and just type D: and hit run

    So i'm going to try that tomorrow. And if that doesn't work, some other things. Anybody have any advice yet?
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    Got it figured out. Found someone who had ripped the BootCamp 3.0 Drivers from the snow leopard dvd. Downloaded the torrent. Copied the files to my external hard drive with a readable partition for windows. Then rant the setup file. Went easy.