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Wayne Henderson Level 3 Level 3
Has anyone figured this out yet? In iMovie (iLife 09), clicking on "iPhoto Videos" in the event browser gives me the "No matching video" message. All my video clips in iPhoto are .avi files from digital cameras.

The iMovie documentation says that it may not see movie file formats unless they are compatible, and does not list avi as a compatible format.

Can anyone please confirm that iMovie does or does not "see" avi clips from iPhoto? Do I need to convert all the avi clips to .mov files to get iMovie to see them properly?

Dual G5 2GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
  • AndyGump Level 1 Level 1
    I too have this issue with iMovie and iPhoto not cooperating like they once did. I don't think that it is an issue with format but rather something with the interface between the two applications. I can import my videos from iPhoto into iMovie by other means and the videos work fine, it is just that I can't do the same by clicking the iPhoto Video icon in the Event Library of iMovie. I first notice this in the spring or early summer of '09. I tried format conversion and had no luck. My Apple Care expired so I don't have them to call on for help.

  • Wayne Henderson Level 3 Level 3
    Yes, the problem seems to be a miscommunication between iPhoto and iMovie. I just tested importing one of my iPhoto avi clips directly into iMovie and of course that worked just fine.
  • Wayne Henderson Level 3 Level 3
    Some other test results:
    1) I tried throwing out the iMovie preferences file - no help.
    2) I've just tried tossing the iApps preferences file. This actually caused the "iMovie videos" icon to disappear from the Event Browser altogether.
    3) I made a smart album in iPhoto to collect all the movie files. The icon for this album appears in iMovie, but none of the avi clips in the album show up in the lower right hand window (where pictures normally are shown for browsing).
    4) Rebuilding the iPhoto library - which took an hour or so - had no effect.
  • Wayne Henderson Level 3 Level 3
    Another test to add to the list:
    5) I took a couple clips (avi files) outside of iPhoto and re-imported them with new names. This did not help them show up in iMovie.

    This is really aggravating.

    Workaround: Take all the clips relating to a project and re-import them directly into iMovie. My 46 clips occupy 1.6 Gb, so it's not a huge waste of space - just my time.
  • Wayne Henderson Level 3 Level 3
    Solved!!! Thanks to another post here, I turned the music off for all my iPhoto slideshows (I only have 4) and, like magic, this triggered iMovie to rebuild the clip thumbnails. Now my iMovie "iPhoto Videos" is populated with all my clips neatly organized by iPhoto event. Neat!
  • AndyGump Level 1 Level 1
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, this was the solution for me as well. Get rid of the music or eliminate the slideshows and the connection works as described, the thumbnails get rebuilt and the iPhoto videos reappear.

  • Wayne Henderson Level 3 Level 3
    Pretty amazing fix, isn't it? I posted it in a few places to help other folks find it.

    An obvious bug that needs fixing by Apple. At least it should be listed in the knowledge base.
  • lovelight Level 1 Level 1
    How do you turn off the music to get this to work? Is it in iphoto itself or is it in imovie? I am having the most frustrating time doing this... Please help!! THANKS!
  • lovelight Level 1 Level 1
    10.5.8 please
  • lovelight Level 1 Level 1
    i have the videos in the iphoto that are labeled as "MOV0123"
  • Wayne Henderson Level 3 Level 3
    Turn off the slideshow music in iPhoto. No other action is required in iMovie. For many, this "fixed" the browsing of iPhoto video clips from within iMovie.
  • asheri Level 1 Level 1
    I spend a few hours on the phone with apple today. I worked my way up to an expert who was a wizard. A few things: 1) he knew about the work-around (turning off the sound in your slideshows), however it does not seem to work for everybody. 2) I had the same problem as reported on this original post, but my problem worsened and iMovie was unable to completely start up. I wont explain all the details here, but there is a known limitation with the conduit between iPhoto and iMovie 09: if you have a great number of movie files in iPhoto, when you try to pull these movies up in iMovie from the Event Library, there is a major bottle neck. iMovie tries to source these files via iPhoto and if you have too many movies in iPhoto (I had 1,595) or the individual movie files are very large, iMovie will stall, unexpectedly quit, or as in my case, completely fail to start. The remedy: export all your movie out of iPhoto to a folder on your desktop and then import them directly into iMovie. (as stated a few other times above). Yes, this is a limitation, however, it's actually faster and you will be less likely to have a issue of a broken video link in the future. Good Luck.
  • Wayne Henderson Level 3 Level 3
    I was doing exactly this as a fix until I solved my problem. I made a smart album in iPhoto that included every movie clip, and exported all of them to another folder, which I then imported into iMovie.

    The advantage of having it work as intended, in addition to avoiding duplication of all the clips, is the organization into events provided by communication with iPhoto.
  • dowdellea Level 1 Level 1
    Folks, this is NOT answered. There is a workaround, OK, but it's not answered. Having 1500 or so videos in iPhoto is not an unreasonable amount for the iMovie/iPhoto conduit to deal with. Come on, let's not give up so easily. Apple, can you please fix this bug? Just do a google for "imovie 09 iphoto videos quits" and see just how many people are having this issue.

    Any real fixes, keep them coming....

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