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I wanted to repost this question because surely I cannot be the only person who's had this problem.

I manage a number of Leopard (10.5.8) and Snow Leopard (10.6.1) servers and desktops via ARD. Whenever I'm sharing the screen of those servers and I return to the login window by switching users, the screen sharing window closes and I am unable to reconnect to screen sharing on the server until I reboot it. Killing all loginwindow processes from ssh also restores ARD's ability to reconnect to the server, but also obviously kills the sessions of users logged in.

I have made sure this is not a problem with my admin machine. I have followed Apple's instructions to remove ARD admin from my admin machine, cleared caches, repaired permissions, deleted preference files, and done all the usual troubleshooting steps. This leads me to believe that the problem lies with the servers and not the admin station.

On the servers, the following entries appear in the system log when the client attempts to reconnect:

Sep 26 21:09:38 Mac-mini AppleVNCServer[1540]: kCGErrorIllegalArgument: CGSGetDisplayBounds (display 503550)
Sep 26 21:09:38 Mac-mini[1523]: Sat Sep 26 21:09:38 Mac-mini.local AppleVNCServer[1540] <Error>: kCGErrorIllegalArgument: CGSGetDisplayBounds (display 503550)

I have found this problem only happens on servers that have no monitor plugged in.

What is causing screen sharing to become unresponsive? Is there any way to correct this issue?

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MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
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