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My phone crashed tonight and told me I had to connect to iTunes to fix it, but when I try to do so I get an error message that reads "iTunes could not connect to the iPhone "Travis' iPhone" because it is locked with a passcode. You must enter the passcode on the iPhone before it can be used with iTunes."

Here's the kicker... my phone isn't providing me an option to enter the passcode, just the option to make emergency phone calls or turn it off (and is showing a graphic that basically says "plug me into iTunes".

Any ideas (beyond taking to an Apple store, which I can't do until Tuesday)?

Possibly relevant info:
- 32GB iPhone G3 S
- Running OS 3.1 for the past few weeks
- Activated the MMS capability about 24 hours prior to crash, but have yet to use it
- Had just finished uploading a picture to Facebook when crash occurred
- And yes... I have rebooted (several times)

Thanks for any ideas or help.

Custom P4, Windows XP