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I have a stuck or dead pixel on my brand new Macbook Pro and wanted to ask for advice on what to do. It is one pixel on the far right of the screen. You can notice it easily on a light background or when you open a web browser because the scroll bar is light blue. My question is should I return it for a new one (it is within the 2 week period) or should I live with it?

The Pixel is not too bothersome because it is on the far right. The main concern I have with returning it is that the nearest apple store is over 2 hours away (where I bought it) and I am worried that I might possibly get another laptop with a stuck/dead pixel in a worst spot (like the center of the screen). I am also worried on the other hand about more stuck/dead pixels showing up in the future. I have read mixed information that one dead/stuck pixel is a sign of more to come, while other information sources claimed that dead/stuck pixels do not happen in groups.

Also, how is apples policy with dead/stuck pixels after the initial 2 weeks? Will they replace a computer/screen if you still have the apple care warranty and if the number of stuck/dead pixels exceeds their minimum? Should I just wait and use it and if more pop up later on then try and have it fixed? What would you guys do?

I am new to apple computers (been a PC user for well over 10 years) and I must say that within the first couple of days messing around with a mac I have been overly pleased and can not see myself going back to PC laptops. Ever. I am hoping that if I should need apple care support that they will take care of my problems and that the macbook pro I bought will continue to live up to the hype like it has the past week. I still have a desktop PC that I might be looking at getting rid of for a Mac desktop depending on how the pro I have holds up.

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    Based on this, I'd think you're luck would be better served to attempt the exchange period at the store you bought it at, than try to get it repaired under warranty:


    This can easily happen to PC laptops too. One dead pixel, is one in over a million.

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    Hi and welcome to the discussions.

    Personally I would book an appointment with an Apple Genius take it back and see what they say. You might be lucky and get an exchange.

    If you don't do it you will be left wondering what would have happened if you had.

    I know its a pain if you live 2 hours away but it may be worth it in the long run, although there are no guarantees.

    If they do offer a replacement you can always check it out in store before you leave.

    Another thing to consider if they won't replace it is to return the laptop to Apple. You have a certain time frame in which you can do this and you have to pay a restocking fee. But you could then get another one in store and check it before you leave. Then you would have a laptop which you won't have any issues with, OK it will cost you a restocking fee to do it.

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    Thanks for the help. My only concern with returning it is that the one pixel that is stuck/dead is far to the right of the screen. It really isn't that bothersome. I am worried that if I do exchange my macbook pro that I could get another one with a stuck/dead pixel in a worse location.

    Is this common with macbook pro displays? I know dead pixels exist with pc laptops and any lcd screen, I was just curious if any people here have had displays with stuck/dead pixels from apple and what they did to try and resolve it. I also have already installed a lot of stuff from my old pc laptop as far as documents and files for work as well as a lot of music into itunes.

    So, should I just forget about or return it? Can one stuck/dead pixel be a small crack in a **** that will grow or is it just a small speck in an out of the way place? Thanks again for any help!
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    Usually one small pixel that is off is sleeping, and does not grow at all. Sometimes you can rub it gently to get it to go away, but I'd do it with a known safe LCD cloth. But a blemish like this being that it is so small is very difficult to justify for repair. Exchange is more likely.
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    In the past, stuck pixels on Apple LCD displays were relatively rare. Not sure if that remains to be the case or not. If you have the Anti-Glare screen, you can try "gently" massaging the pixel with your finger. Push on the screen over the pixel gently and release, and try that a few times in a row. This will sometimes wake it up.

    If you have a glossy screen you are SOL with that approach obviously, since the glass cover prevents you from getting at the actual screen itself.

    Personally, I have never had a problem with this on any of the LCD screens on my Macs. I currently have 5 including one 17" Cinema. None of them have any pixels issues.

    I have a new MBP 15" on the way, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will make this 6 for 6! :o)

    Considering the cost of these machines, I would never settle for a MBP with a bad pixel. I know Apple's policy on exchanges and repairs related to this, but if it happens to me, I will return it for a refund if they won't exchange it.

    You do have that 14 day period where you can return it if you are not happy for any reason. If you paid with a credit card, you could even dispute the restocking fee. I definitely would. ;o)

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    Thank you everyone for the help. I brought my MBP back to the apple store yesterday and was ready to fight with them over an exchange, or over returning it without paying a re stocking fee. I was both relieved and impressed with how fast and problem free the exchange was. All I did at the Genius Bar was tell the guy about the black spot on my screen. He asked me to turn it on so he can see the dead pixel. Then he scanned my MBP's box to check the purchase date, called someone over to ring it up as an exchange while he went into the back to get me a new MBP. We opened the box, started the new MBP up and looked for any stuck/dead pixels. We saw none and I took my new MBP home with no hassle or restocking fee.

    I was so impressed with how hassle free everything was that I began checking out some of the Mac desktops while at the store so I can fully get away from PC and Microsoft.