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I have a second generation Ipod Touch with the most current software and the latest iTunes software. I also have more music than will fit on my Ipod Touch. So... I have set up multiple smart lists for my Ipod...like 70's music, 80's, my favorites...etc. These are seperate from the smart lists I use within my entire music library to help sort it. Ok, so when I plug in my Ipod Touch these smart lists show up within the Ipod Device menu on the left. I the click on the Music icon below where my iPod Device is shown and have my settings at 1. Replace all items when filling, 2. Choose items randomly, 3. Choose higher ratings more often, and finally reserve space for disk use at 4 GB. I use the extra disk space for podcasts, pictures, movies...etc. I hit AutoFill and boom...I have tons of music put onto the Ipod all sorted...great. Well after the recent Itunes update and Ipod update, the next time I sync my Ipod a random amount of music is just deleted from my Ipod. Still on my computer but not my Ipod. Like I just had 2GB of songs taken off when I synced it....leaving me with 7.4GB of free space.

This never happened before. I would even put podcasts and movies until I was almost out of space and songs were never randomly deleted. I reset my Ipod and still have the vanishing music. Any ideas?

imac 20" Intel Core 2 Duo, Mac OS X (10.5.7), 2.33GHz 3GB Ram
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    I tried turning off live update on my smart playlists and when I synced the today I lost another chunk of music off my ipod:( Doing a restore again on my ipod tonight and will not use any smart playlists on my ipod touch to see if that makes a difference.
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    Reset did not help, nor did not removing all smart playlists from my Itouch. Am I the only one that uses autofill for his Ipod? Or the only one experiencing this? Just synced after getting home from work...3 gigs of music fell of my Ipod.
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    I have the same problem and cannot find an answer. I have an iPod touch 1rst gen (i think, 8 gb model). All latest software. The music that I put on my iPod manually (drag-drop) stays there, but the other music that i added with autofill is for the most deleted from the iPod. Annoying.
    Hope somebody comes up with a solution.