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iMaddin Level 1 (0 points)
Hello everyone!
I do't know why but recently the process "qlmanage" has made my Mac unresponsive because it slows down everything. I have to quit it with Activity Monitor which takes me about 5 minutes because everything is so slow.
Yes, I use QuickLook plugins but this problem only started to occur recently. And it seems that it starts soon after I turn on my Mac. Once I quit it, it does not seem to happen anymore.

Hope someone can help me here. It is very inconvenient when working and suddenly everything gets stuck..

MacBook Pro 2.4 Ghz 2GB RAM, Mac OS X (10.6), early 2008
  • K T Level 7 (23,705 points)
    Sound like it's time for more physical ram...

    And sufficient free space on the hd. A faster spindle speed and larger buffer wouldn't hurt. Might be the price paid for being mobile.
  • Igor_G5 Level 2 (305 points)
    Maybe some of your plug-ins are not good with SL. Maybe take them out and see what happens. If it fixes the problem then you can add them back in one at a time to see which ones don't work. Check for updates first. Maybe you can just update them.
  • micp Level 3 (650 points)
    qlmanage -- Quick Look Server debug and management tool

    Do you have a lot of images open in quick look? running any app that may be using quick look to display images?
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    wow so many responses! thanks everyone!

    @K T: no I am not going to upgrade my Mac only cause one process is not running properly.

    @Igor_G5 no that wouldn't be right as I have had those QuickLook plugins sitting in 10.6 for a long time. Problems only started to occur recently.

    @micp the weird thing is that qlmanage becomes active when I am NOT using QuickLook. It just suddenly happens! I don't use QL at that time at all!
  • micp Level 3 (650 points)
    In terminal the following usages are available:

    1. qlmanage -r resets Quick Look Server and all Quick Look client's generator cache.

    2. qlmanage -m gets all sort of information on Quick Look server including the list of detected generators.

    3. qlmanage -t displays the Quick Look generated thumbnails (if available) for the specified files.

    4. qlmanage -p displays the Quick Look generated previews for the specified files.

    5. qlmanage -h displays extensive help.

    I haven't played with it, so cannot offer than this.
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    I may be wrong, but I don't think I'll need any of these commands except the first one.
    Hope that helps. We'll see...
  • micp Level 3 (650 points)
    That was my thought, but as I haven't used it and don't know the possible outcomes prefer to let you make up your own mind

  • iMaddin Level 1 (0 points)
    Hey good news!

    I have used my Mac for several hours this morning and everything seems to work fine!
    Thanks a lot :)!
  • micp Level 3 (650 points)
    Good to hear! One more thing to tuck away in the back of the old head.