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  • gordymac Level 1 Level 1
    Wow. Mac Mini (early 2009) here, and I get no signal when connecting the Monoprice MDP/USB to HDMI converter to my 26" Panasonic HDTV. I cant believe that this has been an issue for so long, and it's only discussed here. I would've never invested the money had I known it was not working.
  • gordymac Level 1 Level 1
    Update: I changed the refresh rate to 60 Hz (via the Displays system pref) and I now get a picture. Audio fixed via the Audio pane in system preferences.
  • BuckNation Level 1 Level 1
    I was able to view my background only until I hit command & F1. This allows me to see whatever is on the macbook display.
  • Sue1234 Level 1 Level 1
    I have been using my Monoprice mini displayport to HDMI adapter for two months with no problems and yesterday it would not display my computer screen on my TV. After trying many different sequences of connecting the adapter which did not work, I changed the resolution in System Preferences, Display, to 1080i and it worked perfectly. I never had to make this change before but it now works. A friend was also experiencing the same problem and made the change in the resolution and it fixed the problem.
  • TRLmitters Level 1 Level 1
    I just got my Samsung LED tv yesterday and my MDP>HDMI cable arrived from Monoprice today. My MBP 13 recognizes the TV, but the TV says "No Source". Assuming (probably wrong so) that my cable is OK, what should i be doing in my preferences to get this working? Mirrored displays on, what resolution? When in camshel mode will automatically change to 1080p or will it stay on my MBP's resolution? it's a 120hz tv but the highest refresh rate my system preferences will let me use is 60hz, could this be part of the problem?
  • RedApple11 Level 1 Level 1
    I wanted to add another point of reference. On my mac mini (early 2009), I was using a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter (from Monoprice) to connect a Sharp Aqueous LCD TV. I had Leopard on it to begin with and everything was just fine. Even after upgrading to Snow Leopard, things were working just fine.

    Then, I had to unplug the mac mini to move it on top of the entertainment console. When I plugged it back in and restarted it, nothing worked any more. There was basically a black screen. It seemed like the TV was receiving some sort of input, but not the output from the mini. The display preferences and the system profiler indicated that no TV was attached.

    I ended up getting the motherboard replaced on this mini when talking to apple support. Even after that process, I have the same black screen. The mini DVI output port works just fine. It just seems to be the HDMI conversion from the Mini DisplayPort that causes problems.

    After reading this thread, and having my hardware replaced, I agree that there is some bug in Snow Leopard that is causing this. I would be curious to know if there are any patches or workarounds available to get the Mini DisplayPort -> HDMI conversion working again.
  • Rob Brazier Level 1 Level 1
    Hey all: I'm having a similar issue. I have a 13" MacBook Pro running 10.6.2, with the MiniDisplay to DVI adapter; a DVI to VGA cable; and a VGA input on my 32" Samsung HDTV. The VGA input on the television works fine (tested with another computer), and the cable appears to work fine, but I cannot get my MBP to display correctly on the HDTV. As others have reported, I get the blue screen flash, and a SAMSUNG display added to my list of available displays in the display menu bar, but the television receives no picture.

    Additionally, I am confident my MiniDisplay to DVI adapter works correctly, as I use it regularly with my 22" Samsung LCD monitor. Only the HDTV has the issue.

    Another question: How is this discussion tagged as answered when so few people have actually had their issue addressed?
  • akreid Level 1 Level 1
    How do you change the refresh rate? On my computer, next to Refresh Rate I get a grayed out "n/a" with no option to change it. I am having the same problem everyone else is--my adapter was working fine up until several months ago, and I'm open to any possible solution.
  • gordymac Level 1 Level 1
    In the Displays SysPref, under the Display pane, make sure the MonoPrice adapter is in the titlebar of the window. From there, the refresh rate should be a drop down menu. This is where I changed my setting to 60Hz.
  • derekxm Level 1 Level 1
    I have a macbook pro. I also have had some trouble at the beginning but I managed to get it to work. I have a monoprice mini display to hdmi cable going to a yamaha receiver (then to a panasonic plasma), with latest software and whatnot. I set my laptop to 1080i resolution, left everything else pretty much standard, and couldnt get it to work. What I ended up doing was toying with all the settings and etc, was about to try the refresh rate fix and then decided to rebooting the computer with and without the wire in, turning on and off receiver, etc.

    What worked for me: 1080i display, reboot receiver (or TV) WITH the cable connected on both ends. I guess it seemed simple, but turning on and off the receiver with everything connected ended up working for me. So for people going directly to a TV, try simply turning on and off the TV with everything connected. Sounds simple and most of you have tried it, but if not, give it a shot and hopefully it will work.
  • timjhawaii Level 1 Level 1
    i have a mini dvi to hdmi adapter. The first night i used it with no problem except having to walk to my computer every ten minutes to move the curser pad to stop sleep mode(another problem altogether any advice would help). today went to use the cord and all i get on the hdmi screen is the background of my computer and non of the internet or other applications will play on the screen.
  • darman875 Level 1 Level 1
    I hate to simply add to the chorus of issues here, but I couldn't help add my voice to this thread - I am so frustrated!

    I have a 15-inch Macbook Pro running Snow Leopard. I connect via a MiniDisplayPort-to-HDMI-adapter-(with USB audio) to a Samsung-HDTV using a HDMI cable. I had the connection working perfectly for weeks, but then one night it just stopped working. The computer recognises when I connect the adapter (shows up in System Profiler) and I get the blue flash. I have tried mucking around with my processes to get it to work but no luck.

    One symptom I haven't seen anyone else write is that when I plug the adapter into the MBP (when I'm getting the blue flash) the red LED lights up on the adapter for about 1 second only. It used to come on and stay on. Do other people have this issue? Does this indicate it is in fact the adapters that are bogus? Or is it a bug in the computer?

  • darman875 Level 1 Level 1
    Why is Apple abandoning us on these display issues?! It seems like a pretty fundamental function these days and they wouldn't even make the adapters for their new fancy MiniDisplayPorts! Sorry, just venting.
  • math man Level 1 Level 1
    Just to describe my problem in this same forum and I hope someone can add some help.

    Just bought new MPB. Very excited to hook it up to 42' Phillips TV bought a mini-display port to HDMI cable from Hong Kong.

    When I hook cable to tv and mac I get blue flash on computer and then nothing on the TV. I cannot mirror display or anything else.

    Help Help Help! I can save myself tons of $ if I can show tv programs from laptop.
  • Nathan Bent Level 1 Level 1
    Same problems as all of you. Monoprice's TERRIBLE product will only display 480p on my TV. I'm assuming its either Apple's fault for using another proprietary output that no non-apple electronics (read affordable) can use and monoprice taking advantage of all the suckers looking for something to make it all work. Oh well, atleast PC's come with HDMI ports now, I'll just make sure I buy a better computer next time.
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