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  • Csound1 Level 8 (46,992 points)

    JanRL wrote:


    Right. Forget what I said previously. Seems my Mini Display Port connector is indeed busted. After I got my picture transferred to my TV, I still had trouble getting audio working. My Console gave strange messages like:




    Then I started twisting my connectors cable and sound came back on and vanished again. Clearly, the connector has had enough - and so have I with these lousy cables. Apple, please update the iTV to steam picture and audio wirelesly so that I can toss these cables away. Sigh.

    There are several options to stream HDTV wirelessly already, Google it.

  • amarider Level 1 (0 points)

    To add


    Also tried everything until finally bought a new hdmi adapter.

    The old Moshi adapter was indeed dead - everything works fine now with new adapter (Moshi again).

    Funny thing was that during troubleshooting I tried an alternative monitor on my existing cable setup and it worked.

    Needless to say I assumed the hdmi port on the original display to be dead and sent it in for repairs. 2 weeks later they found no fault.

    Happy to see everythiong working though - was getting windows flashbacks there for a minute...



  • El Madridista Level 1 (0 points)

    I seem to be having the same issue as everyone... I had been using the MDP HDMI adapter with my 32" Samsung for about 1 1/2 years without issue, but about 2 weeks ago I bought a 55" LG and from that moment I started having problems. I managed to make it work a few times here and there, but now the laptop doesn't recognize either TV. I was thinking it was the adapter, but after reading I am now confused: some say it is the operating system and others say is a faulty MDP connector... which one is it? Has anyone seriously gotten any response or fix from Apple directly??? PLEASE HELP

  • amarider Level 1 (0 points)

    My advice would be not to bother with any resets, software updates until you determined that the adapter, cable or monitor is not at fault. My adapter did the same - worked on and off for bit and then finally died.

  • sky_mi6 Level 1 (0 points)

    a really mad guy from syria....


    i can't believe what's u know how hard it is to buy a mac in expensive to buy a tv...and yet so hard to buy this f**** cable....i really waited for like 1 month to get this cable....and when i get it it's not working....again..a macbook pro with 15 inch bla bla bla on samsung bla bla bla NOT WORKING!


    ps:a friend of mine who has really a ****** laptop on WINDOWS just plugged the cable in and everything went awesome with a second....why is this seems my only solution to work with my laptop on the screen is now to buy the new apple tv...again so hard to get it...i have to wait another month to get it and pay like 100$ plus its prize to get...




    FIX IT!!!!!!

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    When you initially plug the cable in, for me on a 2011 macbook air it works straight away, although it doesn't appear to. i didnt realise you just have to drag the windows across to the TV instead of the same window showing up on both screens.


    alternatively, you go into system preferences and displays and you tick the "mirror displays" box which means that the same picture will be shown on both the laptop screen and the tv screen. it worked fine for me, just took some fiddling. goodluck guys!

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    Hey Guys

    I have a similar problem!

    Originally I used a mini display port from my macbook pro 13" to my 42" Panasonic and then it stopped working.

    I then decided to change it buy another one from the Apple Store which cost me ~50USD. Once I plug it in all i get is my screen saver without my desktop icons. I then go to itunes and nothing comes up - Please help!


    This was an issue I had before my 1year warrenty expired and they said there was no issue. However, I think all they did was see the screen saver and think everything was ok.


    What should I do ? Please help!

  • frederic1943 Level 6 (9,980 points)

    You have the display set in Extended Desktop mode with the MacBook as the main screen. The Menu Bar and Dock will be on the MacBook display and your background screen on the TV but you can move the cursor onto the TV screen.


    In System Preferences>Display on the MacBook screen there should be an Arrangement tab when you have the MacBook hooked up to the TV and both screens working. When you click the Arrangement tab do you see two monitors side by side? One of them will have a Menu Bar at the top. Just click on the Menu Bar and drag it to the second monitor. That will make the second monitor your main screen.

    You can now use your MacBook in Clamshell Mode with a wired or Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. When you disconnect from the TV your Menu Bar will automatically change back to the MacBook.

      Or if you want to use the MacBook’s keyboard and trackpad to work on the MacBook screen while showing it on a TV you can check the Mirror Display box on the lower left hand side of the Arrangement tab under the two monitors box.

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    My adapter works perfectly on my flat mate's 32" Panasonic TV, yet does not work on my own toshiba TV? My flatmates works perfectly on both tellys. I have determined that it is not the mac book (as it works on one TV with all 4 of our HDMI Cables, It's not the cables as they all work and it's not either TV as they both work on my flatmate's mac. It's very frustrating as I have bought 3 different types of cable. The strange thing is they used to work on the TV and then stopped suddenly. Only thing i can think is that my flatmate uses lion and i don't?


    Any suggestions?


    Apple.....if your reading please sort it out


    Thanks all

  • 5529danielb Level 1 (0 points)

    Just to clarify....the adapters used to work on my TV and then stopped, they have always worked on my flatmate's and continue to work.

  • Chuck Kalish Level 1 (115 points)

    I just got an hdmi adapter for my my MacBook, with mini-dv connector. I get a signal, but picture quality is quite poor. Image does not fill the tv screen fully under any settings.


    I switched from VGA (the tv accepts VGA in). VGA gave me much better picture.


    Could it be the hdmi adapter? I got a cheap one on eBay. Can they differ in picture quality?

  • Csound1 Level 8 (46,992 points)

    Chuck Kalish wrote:


    I just got an hdmi adapter for my my MacBook, with mini-dv connector. I get a signal, but picture quality is quite poor. Image does not fill the tv screen fully under any settings.


    I switched from VGA (the tv accepts VGA in). VGA gave me much better picture.


    Could it be the hdmi adapter? I got a cheap one on eBay. Can they differ in picture quality?

    Yes, buy the Moshi, from Apple.

  • Emaren Level 1 (0 points)

    I am trying to connect my Macbook Pro to my SHARP 70" Aquos with a Rocketfish RF-AP305 Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter. This has previously worked many times for me. Now I am not getting a picture or sound. The odd thing is that I've gone the mirror display route and when I change something, say the refresh rate, the TV registers it so the signal is getting through. I've restarted it in safe mode and got a few flickers, something about "Receiving auto control signal (now)..." on the TV but in the end it comes up black.


    Macbook Pro 15" Mid 2010 Version 10.7.4


    Any ideas?

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    2 Things which I've found - WHICH WORKED!.... MACBOOK PRO 15inch Early 2011.


    1. Unfortunately for Apple, I rebooted into Bootcamp with my cheap £8 cable and it worked perfectly.


    2. Back in OS X. Make sure that if you have a program that can switch between the discreet and integrated graphics, that integrated is OFF!!! It does work. Using it now.



    I tried all the plugin / unplug, different hdmi ports etc.... nothing, changed to discreet graphics (not integrated!!) works every time....

  • nessamarkie Level 1 (0 points)

    This information worked for me except you have to make sure that you have the resolution on the displays screen set to the same as your televisions. If you have 1080i you have to check that on your computer.  Simple as that.  Follow his directions then end with adjusting the resolution!!  Good luck!!

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