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  • timbloke Level 1 Level 1

    For anyone googling looking for a solution to the Apple HDMI incompatabilty issue that hundreds of us seem to be having trying to connect devices using the Apple Mini Display Port Standard to the HDMI Standard here's so information I got from my local Apple Store and posted on a near identical thread:-


    Ok, thought I'd chip in here as I've just got back from an appointment at the Apple Store Genius Bar to address the same problem with my April 2011 MacBook Pro. It's Mini Display Port has never worked when connecting to an HDMI tv set though I use it constantly with a Display Port compatitble third party external monitor. I've run OS X 6.8, 7 and 8.2 and it's had no effect, any set I connect to will not see my MBP.
    They wheeled out an HDMI tv (it was a generic set and not a brand I'd heard of) to connect to, logged into my MPC with Apple's remote diagnostic tool and found no hardware or software issues.  They changed around the leads 3 times and none of them worked. One of the Genius then plugged what looked like a 13 inch 2012 Macbook into the the tv and on the second lead (one of 2 identical iWires taken from the shop display) it worked.


    The Genius' take on it was that they'd never had anyone come into the store with this problem and that it's the first he'd heard of it. He also said that there is no mention of HDMI compatiblity in any of Apple's tech docs or manuals for my machine and that Apple have never claimed HDMI compatibilty with Display Port.


    One hypothetical solution would be to completely replace the logic board but that wouldnt work as all we'd be doing is replacing a logic board that according to the Apple diagnostic tools is working perfectly for an identical one. Apparently Apple made no changes to the logic board for that computer.



    Macbook Pro, April 2011

    OSX 10.8.2

  • grufnmuf Level 1 Level 1

    It's a shame that you didn't point the Genius to this very thread - now on it's 40th page...



    and your hypothetical solution doesn't take into account that many of us (like me) had this system workin just fine for quite some time - over a year in my circumstance - and then, for no apparent reason, it simply stopped.

  • Emaren Level 1 Level 1

    Yup, over a year with not a single issue. I loved how it worked flawlessly with no issues. Then it just stopped. Now it hasn't worked for over a year. I'm amazed Apple hasn't solved this yet. You know the company that has a $100 Billion dollar cash hoard. The company that has more cash than they need... Umm, maybe use some of it to solve a problem or two, instead of god awful Siri.

  • timbloke Level 1 Level 1

    Actually I did mention the threads on their own support forum but he claimed to know nothing about it and just asked 'well what did they say?'.  I find it hard to work out if they're talking bull or not. It seems to be Apple's stance that it's always the cable's fault.

  • seabass069 Level 1 Level 1

    I gave up using an external monitor. I'm having the same issue with the display port to DVI. Works for a couple days then the screen goes black or all snow. I have to reboot the Macbook Pro and then plug in the display port to DVI connector. It's not a monitor issue, cause it works just fine when plugged into my PC. I think Apple knows about the issues, (because I called Apple support), they just cannot replicate the issue. So they act like they have never heard of it. I also started a new thread about the display port to DVI issue.

  • timbloke Level 1 Level 1

    I'm getting the impression that Mini DisplayPort (which is an Apple patent based on a developement they made to the existing DisplayPort standard) is only compatible with DisplayPort, not the HDMI standard which Apple play down and claim its 'hit and miss', ie, not a proper standard.  Apple also don't make their own Mini DP to HDMI adaptor which is tells us a lot.

  • timbloke Level 1 Level 1

    For what it's worth I just edited the Wikipedia page on Mini DisplayPort linking back to this thread. Look at the Compatibility section.


  • donaceli Level 1 Level 1

    Seemingly no one from Apple gives a **** about the issue here it is really top notch customer service! Money went down the drain for many of us for spending cash on different adapters and got as far as a No Signal Message.

  • chughe17 Level 1 Level 1

    To all of you that are still buying poor adapters listen carefully.


    Apple does not send the audio and video in the same output.  The optical out does not send any audio, and the other way around.  You musy buy a converter for both sound and video seperately. 


    Example:  Mini-Display port to DVI.   Then, connect a DVI-DVI to your TV or other monitor etc.  These cords are $15.00 and have worked for me endlessly.   This also works with HDMI.  NOTE!!!!   Sound will not come through this cord. 


    You then have to connect from your 3.5mm out, to another port.  If your monitor/tv has an input for this, use it. If not, you will have to get another adapter to send an audio signal. 


    COMMON PROBLEM:  most TV's have an issue with the tv channel.  Video 1, Video 2, AUX, etc.   They are linked to one input, so if the video is going into one port and the audio into another, you will have to swith channels to get the result.  Problem is, if you have sound you have no video.


    Solution:  If you are using a surround sound system, all inputs convein into one out signal, and there for properly wiring your system can eliminate the issue.  The sound comes through the system and the video through the TV.


    If you are not,  Then you can use a cobination of video/audio adapters to get the right combination. 3.5mm to Red/White will convert sound fine.  From there you need an adapter for the video that converts your mini-display to DVI.  Then from DVI to Yellow.  There is compatability issues with a simple converter, so read the reviews before purchasing. The DVI signal is different than the Composite signal.  Here are a few links to the proposed items. 














    For a cheaper solution:



    Simply keep your video connections as you have them, and connect your computer to a stereo system designed for computers. even cheaper versions will work. 


    Bottom line is that audio and video are sent through different ports on MAC, but PC's send them through the same port.  Therefore when you read an HDMI cable and it says that it also accepts sound,  It still won't work, becasue your computer isn't sending the sound.


    I hope this helps, its a simple fix, but usually contains a lot of wires, so be neat.

    I will attempt a diagram and post at a later date. 


    Good luck

  • timbloke Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for that but it isn't really what this thread is about, we are discussing how to get the signal from a mini display port into an HDMI on a television, not DVI or composite analog.

  • chughe17 Level 1 Level 1

    Same difference, the adapter will transfer the video from the mini display port to the HDMI cable.  You will have video but no sound. 

  • timbloke Level 1 Level 1

    Mini DisplayPort has had sound support since 2011 and the probem being discussed effects all machines with Mini DisplayPort. Multiplexing isn't the issue.

  • timbloke Level 1 Level 1

    Also Apple states in the MBP and the MacBook user manual that you can hook up an HDMI cable and, depending on what year your computer was made, get either picure or picture and sound out using an HDMI adapter

  • Swingcopation Level 1 Level 1

    Well that's just blatantly not true timbloke... the older macbooks didn't send audio with HDMI, but the newer ones (mid 2010 and later) all do. I have it running like that now so please don't post without facts!

  • timbloke Level 1 Level 1

    That's what I just said- depending on what year your computer was made, you'll either get picture or picture and sound out of your mini DisplayPort. All you did was clarify the year which was 2010 apparently. Great job.

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