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    actually - no - that only sums up a part of the problem..


    here's my post from back in August... notice several things..

    first, I'm running Snow Leopard, but had the same issues with Lion.

    Second it's not just an HDMI issue - I've tried other converter cables.

    Third, it's not a matter of the brand of the cable - I tried all the variations.

    and fourthly, and most importantly, I used this same system with no problems for over 2 years... and then it suddenly just stopped working and gave me the "No Signal" message.

    I had done nothing different - no upgrades, no rebuilds...nothing... one day it worked, the next it didn't.


    here's my own case..



       Aug 2, 2012 2:22 AM    (in response to Ponponhead


    Just what I need in my life - another darned techmystery...


    For over two years, I have had a MDP/HDMI adapter plugged into the back of my trusty intel iMac and then into my LG widescreen, via an HDMI cable.... and all was just peachy...

    Yesterday, without having changed anything at all, I got the dreaded "no signal" message on the TV...

    I adjusted the cables... plugged and replugged, fixed permissions, ran applejack, repaired discs, unplugged all the TV connections and power and then did the same for the computer... and then, after ten minutes, plugged it all back in.

    nothing changed.

    I tried it again, using all the various combinations of the order that I connected all the various permutations of cables and adaptors and on/off switches an channel selectors....

    I searched the internet, including this thread.. I reset PRAM and SMC.. no joy.... I discovered that I do not have either the "Mirror Displays" or "Arrange wndows" options under the "Display prefs" but I have no idea if I USED to have those settings - because I never had cause to look for them before.


    I ran the same HDMI cable to my Sky box - it workd perfectly...

    and so, after reading everything I could find, the consensus was that it MUST be the MD/HDMI adaptor...


    so I took two buses to my local Apple reseller and dropped £25 on a brand new adaptor.... and then took two busses back home, quietly confident that all would now, finally, be back to normal.


    Confidently plugged it all in.. and got exactly the same response... a brief flash of imac blue screen and then return to iMac desktop normal.. and still the "no signal" mssage on the TV.


    I backed up, reinstalled the Snow Leopard system (Haven't moved on up to Lion yet) on a blank partition of the main drive, ran and installed all the updates and nothing has changed.


    In other words, for no reason at all, a perfectly functioning, long standing computer to TV monitor operation system has gone Kapputt....


    I shall have to SOMEHOW find a workaround, but would appreciate someone (Apple maybe) deternining just what the heck happened and why and, of course, how to fix it...





    and very lucid an explanation - thank you for that


    in my own particular case the problem isn't HDMI per se.. I gave up on HDMI and tried buying an MPD to VGA adaptor - with exactly the same results.. I've now tried all the adaptors that can stick into this silly MDP with three different kinds of TV/Monitor.. and get the same result.. a blue screen for a coupla seconds and then "no signal" and no option to mirror.

    It's some kinda hardware glitch....


    so I had my local authourised Apple reseller call down to their repair shop in Exeter and was quoted a price of £785 to repair/replace the port strip.. and a price of £690 to simply send the part for me to replace it myself.

    All info I can find tells me that this port strip is a daughter board and yet the repair facility swears that the expense is because it's the motherboard that needs replacing...


    I think I'll stick to my original plan B and buy another UPnP media box and plug it into the TV.

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    lol i wanted to add a last line disclaimer


    "if this does not help you, only god can"


    On a serious note it is really frustrating when something you paid premium price for does not give premium results. so i understand the pain. My initial mac book pro had same problem and a logic board issue but luckily i got the piece replaced.

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    I have an early 2011 macbook pro 15' i7 top model.


    Always enjoyed connecting my macbook pro to my Samsung 40' LCD TV - with a thunderbolt to hdmi cable from Artwizz. ( it was an expensive cable)


    Then some time ago this connection STOPPED working! Initially I tried everything - went through all the forums and all tried all the options, power on/off, resetting the PRAM, gfcardstatus etc etc etc.. nothing worked. Then I turned away from it, tried to accept the technical ridiculousness..


    Now I just want it too work again.. its unbelievable! How can it be that a tech problem ( probably just in the software) like this all of a sudden appears and APPLE not doing anything about it? I mean this is a major issue if you read all the forums including this thread. The main problem is not in the cable, not in the tv or external screen, just in the connection and APPLE SOFTWARE!


    I don't even get a flashing blue screen anymore that people say is that ''handshake''. My macbook just doesn't register my TV anymore... at all. It was probably when I updated my MAC OS X, when I think back now..


    C'mon apple, are you still there? Or just worrying too much about how the next mass consumer product will sell? Where is the passion to bring emotion into the computing world - together with that '' it just works'' philosophy?

    I miss it. It was always so beautiful balanced.. but I don't feel it anymore, even if you look into the new line up of products.. its just so mass consumer and visually orientated..


    I'm sorry I got carried away..


    Anybody any suggestions?

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    I've just submitted a complaint to .  Apple is supposedly an adopter, but. I'm not sure if this applies to MacBook pros in that there isn't actually an hdmi port. 

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    I'm having the same problems just like you and everyone else. Brand new mac, brand new hdmi mini display adapter and nothing. I also have the OS X up to date. Have you found any solutions??


    In desperate need of help.



  • rolieguy007 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am in your exact situation. Have you found any solutions yet? Please keep me posted.



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    So...for $1600 CAD, I get an ALUMINUM can that does not have a backspace button, no HDMI output and when it's own super duper Thuderbolt (display adapter no less for some $39.95 thank you verry much.!!), connects to a TV..I get no Audio cause its not supported...??? and then have to go through 72 steps to make changes.??  I dont think so kiddies.


    W-T-F is is that about APPLE.???  This is B.U.L.L.S.H.!.T people.....for a top of the line pce of equipment to have these basic things not working in a seamless manner is completely UNACCEPTABLE.


    WHERE is your reply...huh.



    Theo Groenevelt

    Calgary, Alberta


    I'm in the goddamned phone me if you have the balls.

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    I'm sorry but, what is your question?

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    Hi guys there is another thread similar to this. I had all the problems of not being able to connect using a hdmi cable, i tried two new adapters and new cables but they would work for a short period and then stop. Done all the pram resets etc but nothing worked. Eventually I found a mini display port to hdmi CABLE by NEET oon amazon and ordered it. Since then, its been about a month and a half now, I have had absolutely NO problems connecting to the displays that wouldnt work earlier (samsung syncmaster, samsung t, optima projector). I actually tried everything I could to get the cable not to work, like closing the lid whiles the mac is on to start clamshell mode, removing and reconnect the cable, whatever else i could think of. I can see that loads of you are frustrated and upset with this situation, but it has plagued mac users for years and apple doesnt care to do anything. I urge you to get a minidisplay port to hdmi cable, perhaps by NEET, because this completely fixed my problem with the external displays.



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    Funny part in this entire fiasco is that, a direct mdp to hdmi male cable has a much better chance of working than a mdp to HDMI female adaptor. But HDMI insists that it does not support the MDP to HDMI male direct cable and the same is the violation of the usage license.

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    Hi everyone,

    I had the same problem and I must have tried most of the suggestions I could find on the net. I found a solution for me and thought I would share.


    I use a late 2009 Macbook Pro with 10.6.8 connecting to a Samsung Syncmaster SA950 and a direct mini display port to HDMI which did not work (I read this cable was not "mac supported"). All it did was flash blue as most of you have, and did not show on Display Preferences or About this mac: more info. However the link did work with my LG HDTV. So both were working, but they didn't work with each other.


    Back to the Syncmaster: I updated softwares, EFI, tried rebooting with Cmd-Option-P-R, tried combinations of turning on/off connecting before/after - does not work. I was this close to giving it up and buying a WIndows then I gave a last try with an official Apple mini DP to DVI plug and connected with the DVI cable that came with the Syncmaster and it worked (of course, no sound.. if you want sound you might need a double adaptor - mini DP and USB for sound to HDMI/DVI etc which is not that cheap). Then again it might not work for everyone but with an adaptor it should increase the chances


    I know it doesn't work for everyone, but from reading all the forums it seems different cables/ solutions work for different people. Anyhow, I'm so frustrated with all this incompatibality I'm going for an Asus next. I was waiting for the new iMac with customization but now with a good monitor I can save around $1000 with better specs. This does not belong in this post but I just want to vent it out lol.


    Good luck all!

  • donaceli Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi, anyone else yet tried a cable from NEET?

  • Vic-zx Level 1 (5 points)

    yep, fixed my connection problems with syncmaster and optima projector, nothing else worked

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    Got the NEET this week and it is working so far. I bought the NEET 5m cable Mini-DP to HDMI male connector off Amazon UK for £15 having given up with Cabblesson Mini-DP to Female HDMI short connector. I plugged it into my Onkyo Amp and selected the correct channel. The Onkyo HDMI connects to the Panasonic TV HDMI. You have to use the HDMI on the TV that is labelled ARC (Audio Return Channel). This allows sound on the TV to go back to the Onkyo and be properly amplified, if you are using such a set up. The Macbook Pro (Summer 2010) showed up straight away once HDMI 2 ARC was selected as the input. The picture was slightly overscanning, so I switched off overscan on HDMI input, which was in the menu system settings. Then the screen was perfectly placed. There was no sound at first, so I had to go into Mac Preferences/Sound and select the output as the TV. The sound then worked.


    In conclusion, I think the main reasons the connectors have not been working for everyone are to do with either (a) the poor HDMI protocol and (b) broken mini-DP to HDMI cables. I have a sneaky suspicion that Mini-DP to HDMI female with a standard 3m/5m HDMI male-male cable creates a lot of HDMI protocol issues and stops connection to TVs. And that the Mini-DP to HDMI male direct cable has less issues. I will report back if I have any issues with this NEET cable and remove my recommendation if it fails.

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    If that is your conclusion, then you haven't read this thread very closely. many of us have used every cable/connector/adaptor available (including the Neet) and also had the thing working just fine for lengthy periods and then suddenly, it stopped working, for no discernible reason. Good luck with your Neet cable but I, for one, had it working perfect for well over two years before it suddenly went kaput...

    maybe that's why the thread is 42 pages and growing, eh?

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