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    My external monitor is not receiving the signal from my Macbook Air.  It has been working perfectly well since I purchased the computer 1 month ago.  This morning it stopped working which prompted me to look into the issue.  I updated the computer with the most recent software (today).  I have a direct Minidisplay to HDMI cord.  I am running bootcamp with Windows 7, but even when I run the machine on OS the external monitor is still not receiving a signal.  I also reset the NVRAM after I downloaded the software update.  Any suggestions?

  • AlphonseQ Level 1 (0 points)

    I have replaced the MiniDisplay adapter and tried everthing possible in setup...

  • nidaba Level 1 (1,000,000 points)

    Just would like to add to the debate that I had the same experience using a macbook pro retina 15 bought like 5 weeks ago and I was trying to

    connect it to my external BenQ EQ2420 display with the HMDI connections from both laptop and the display. I was previously using a DVI-D to minidisplay with the adaptor. Worked perfectly. At home I could connect the laptop to the TV w/o any problems.But when on the external display, an other story...

    Result -- Display was showing no cable connected. I've seen some people here saying that they are having the same experience.

    I could see the BenQ display in my systems prefs in the display option and also I saw it in my system report so I knew it was there just

    that I didn't get any "signal" or anything.


    This is were I got annoyed and ******, asking google for the answer and ended up here...


    Solution -- Since I had have the DVI-D connected before it turned out that my external display did not automatically switch the port to

    where my HDMI cable was connected and I had to do it manually just pressing the side of my display 2 times until it showed the correct

    line-in for HDMI.


    So, if there are people out there seeing the same "problem" as I. Try this first before start complaining about random things.



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    I just ordered the thunderbold port to HDMI and my TV will only say no signal. The computer acts like it is connecting but the tv won't do anything. Anyone have suggestions?

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    Mine won't even work at all. I have the same connector and everything but tv won't find a signal

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    I don't know why it worked but modifying the brightness fixed it for me! I don't always have this problem but the lighting in my room isn't always at the same level. I'm guessing because I've got my display to "Automatically adjust brightness", my external monitor may be confused or something by the brightness settings and therefore it's displaying nothing. My monitor is sort of old... maybe the brightness levels that are being requested by the OS aren't possible on it. Who knows!

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    Well, unfortunately the brightness trick isn't working for me anymore. Not sure what it is that gets it to work but I've never had this issue with my monitor before updating to the latest Mavericks release.

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    I've been experiencing the same issue all the way along since Lion OSX update, so I thought the OS version was the issue.

    But today I've tried to detect an external TV again via my adapter and an HDMI cable from PS4.
    It didn't work actually, but I've noticed the screen flickering when I put the adapter in and out of macbook.

    And it actually worked once or twice, the TV got detected.

    So I think: maybe the issue is in the logic board or the adapter? Contact issues or powering issues maybe?

    Because HDMI and TV are perfectly OK, and screen flickering appears when I move the adapter in various directions.

    It's an original MDP-HDMI adapter from Apple, as far as I know, but not quite sure.


    My idea is correct - it's something within the connectors.

    When putting the adapter in MDP slot, try to insert it straight, and the cable should fit in with some force, not freely, as I noticed before.

    You guys better try it out, it might solve the issue for someone at least.

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    Ah, now I get it.
    I've scrapped down my adapter, revealing its circuitry.

    And it's ****.

    There's glued paper around HDMI crystal, and many of the wires are welded like they were handled during a hangover.
    The problem is in an adapter.
    I'm getting Belkin adapter now, and I'll tell you tomorrow about my experience with it.

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    No, I'm not getting any other adapter, **** it. Will do a media server thing instead.


    Ёбаные китайцы.

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    Hi, I have been reading lots of the forums where people are having issues with "Artifacts" being present on their screen when you go from display port to TV via HDMI. I have been having similar issues with this. The cable worked fine for several weeks, then suddenly blue, pink and green stripes appear or white noise appears. In many instances the mirror display would turn itself off and I would have to go back into the display icon and select "detect" displays - this usually did the trick and would reset itself. Recently, this stopped fixing the problem.


    I cam across a web forum much like this one, except in this forum the discussion was about "overscanning" which I understood it to be a problem with the Monitor or TV and not with the cable or the computer. The suggestion was the if your display on your Mac is set to 1080 that the output is at 1080 but that the TV or Monintor isn't capable of handling 1080 even if it is HD. The suggestion was that the HDTVs and monitors we are using aren't  true HD but closer to 720. I went back into the detect display and set it to 720, and now it works like perfect again. So, maybe this will help a lot of you guys out there who are using HDTV or monitors, try setting it to 720 or ensure that your TV or monitor is infact 1080 or TrueHD. I am in no way a computer tech, so forgive my lack of correct technical terminology.


    MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)

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    Go settings, then display, then arrangement, the detect displays, then mirror displays. Job done

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    I found this worked for me. I plugged in my hdmi then went to displays under system preferences. I chose "Scaled" instead of "Best For" and clicked on 720p though you may need a different one. Changing the numbers made the image appear on my tv screen. Changing "mirror displays" like most people are saying didn't work for me. I had mirror displays checked though.

    Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 12.44.58 PM.png

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    Hi there,


    I bought a belink MDP-to-HDmi adapter at the Apple Store for my Macbook & LG TV and it only lasted 2 months before it started flickering, popping and causing a "no signal" warning on my TV. Sorry to say, but the belink doesn't seem to fix this on-going issue.


    Let me know how it ends up working out for you! I just purchased a cheap one from China and am awaiting for it to arrive. Fingers crossed*

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    Pressing the connector in hard and straight like you said WORKED!!! I have been haphazardly trying to fix this for months and have done everything in the previous posts....but this WORKED! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!