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I have an appleTV that hasn't been synced or done anything on the network in over a year, it's just been serving up movies for my office waiting room.

Today I decided to update the software on it. I know I'm several steps out of date (I think I have 2.2). If trying to update, I get an error that Apple TV can't connect to the iTunes store. Same thing happens if I try to browse anything on the store for purchase or rental. However, I can connect to YouTube, and I can watch movie trailers from whatever server they come from.

The Apple TV was originally synced to my MacBook Pro, but no longer shows up on the devices list in iTunes, if that helps.

I can also connect to iTunes store no problem from my MacBook Pro, which is on the same network. This is a corporate network using non-Apple hardware, and I don't really have access to the router settings. But if it's router settings, why can a computer connect to iTunes but not the AppleTV?

Anyone think a factory reset of the AppleTV would help? Or should I haul it home and try updating it on my home network?

Apple TV 40 GB, Mac OS X (10.6.1)