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My iPod touch used to play noises/sounds when i would turn it on, select certain things, and turn it off, and i used to be able to play music without headphones, and listen to the 30-second previews of songs from iTunes. I can't do those things anymore. Did I do something to cause this? Is there an easy fix?

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    I'm assuming you have a 2nd generation Touch that has a speaker, right? If that's correct, then you should try Resetting the Touch. If that doesn't work, then Restore it. If you still have problems, Restore it but don't re-load your last backup (which will mean having to re-do all your preferences, contacts, web links, etc.)

    If you have a 1st generation Touch, the 3.x release seems to have disabled audio control when headphones are disconnected, which I understand can be a problem for certain stereo connections that use the dock port for FM transmission.