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I use an iPhone 3GS but I've found problem with changing the sensitivity of an internal iPhone microphone.
Do anyone know how to change the iPhone's microphone sensitivity?

Thanks for any help.

iPhone, iPhone OS 3.0.1
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    "Do anyone know how to change the iPhone's microphone sensitivity?"
    That would be very confusing to the typical iPhone user. We want things to just work. If you need to fiddle with stuff like "microphone sensitivity", then you should just lug around a Dell or something.

    The microphone sensitivity on the iPhone is pre-set to be perfect. There is no reason to change it.
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    chalk me up to sucky battery life on the iphone 3gs. brand new phone only about a week old and in the last 10-15 minutes alone my battery went fron 75% now down 70% and all i have been doing is text messaging on it occasionally. i have wifi, bluetooth, location services, auto brightness, notifications, data roaming, vpn all off. the only thing running is my push email to my exchange server and 3g, i have not received or placed any phone calls nor has any new email come in during this time.

    i have purchased these products both to help ease the lack of battery life on the iphone. both of which stated they were compatible with the iphone:

    2-in-1 wall charger

    portable charger

    is there any issue using these products with the iphone? i tried a charger from the ATT store designed specifically for the iphone and plugged it in and it told me this accessory is not supported and would not charge the phone.
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    I've been trying to find a solution to that too. The sensitivity on my 3GS (3.01) is too low. I've had complaints that I appear "very distant" when answering the phone and when I try to make a voice recording I have to talk very loud and near the mic to get an acceptable volume on the recording. To even suggest that the set sensitivity is perfect must be the joke of the year!
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    But you don't understand. It's set by Apple, so it must be perfect!

    For more information about the iPhone microphone, you might want to check this page at Faber Acoustical. Nothing to help set levels, but good information about comparisons between various iPhone and related microphones.

    http://blog.faberacoustical.com/2009/iphone/iphone-microphone-frequency-response -comparison/

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    I'm also having problems with the microphone on my newly purchased 3GS. Had it for four days now and everybody I've talked to says my voice appear to be distant.

    Anyone familiar with this problem?
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    Same problem here....

    Could it be dust/ dirt blocking the mic intake?

    Anyone know of a specific method of cleaning it up?
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    Same problem, I've tried several things and it's not an obvious problem like dust, iphone case or plastic covering it.
    The earphones mic works very well but pple cannot hear others in the room or background music. On the internal mic it won't work at all if I put it on loudspeaker and put the iphone in front of me like with my old mobile.
    I suspect that the iphone is so intelligent that it filters background noise and I must have a background kind of voice
    I feel a bit rejected by apple on this one