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I work for a very large organization and am one of maybe fifty people who are using iPhones (as part of a test program to see if they could work for us as well as BlackBerry's). Well over the weekend our development team made some updates to our intranet and now half the links I use constantly throughout the day give me an error message on my iPhone:

"Cannot Open Page. Safari cannot open the page because too many redirects occurred."

I did some searching and found a lot of people here getting the same message but no resolution seems to be available. I contacted our dev team and they said that since none of the 1000+ BlackBerry users are having this issue then it's clearly a problem with the iPhone. So the dev team won't make any changed and now management is using this as a reason why the iPhone isn't a viable BlackBerry alternative. Is there no way to get around this redirect problem?! Why is it happening at all? Shouldn't I be allowed to click on whatever links I want, regardless of how many redirects occur?

iPhone OS 3.0.1