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Does anyone know how to change language in the iTunes store to English? I do not live in the States but I would much rather prefer English when reading the descriptions for the applications.

Windows Vista
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    In July of this year, Apple made a change to the iTunes store which essentially makes this impossible (for now). Until that time, there was a workaround you could use as per their Knowledgebase which would let you set the language of the iTunes Store back to English, regardless of what country your iTunes account was based in.

    There have been repeated attempts from the user community to get Apple to acknowledge and address this issue, but the customer service staff have thusfar only referred to the KB article, which doesn't actually help. For now, your only option is to select a different country's store by selecting the flag icon/button on the lower right corner of the iTunes store and reading about applications or music in another store...of course, this actually will log out out of your itunes store account, which means you can't purchase anything, and as soon as you sign back in, you will be forced to the language of the country your account is based in.

    I find this policy of Apple's to be truly repugnant and counter everything they've strived to stand for - but it seems it's here to stay, as they won't acknowledge nor fix it.

    Apple's staff only point to:


    This will not fix the problem we've all been having since July.