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I recently installed a new hard drive, because I didn't have enough space on the original one to keep all my music and such on it. I had to backup, reinstall, and transfer over just about everything, but it worked out fine for the most part. My problem now, however, is that I cannot seem to authorize my iTunes store account to play certain songs. I can play songs I bought on the old hard drive just fine, and songs I did not buy on iTunes, but I can't play any music I bought on iTunes on my desktop Mac computer which is an OS X 10.1. I was able to authorize my old hard drive to play these just fine.

When I choose a song to play, this message appears: This computer is not authorized to play "Song Title". Would you like to authorize it? I enter my username and password and press authorize. This message shows up: You need to change your account to use an Apple ID. I already have one, because I've gone through this hundreds of times already, but I click Update Account, as cancel takes me nowhere.

The next screen says: Change this Account to Use an Apple ID.
To continue using the iTunes store and purchases previously made with this AOL screen name, you need to create a free Apple ID, which will be used in place of your AOL screen name. Changing this account to use an Apple ID will not affect how you use your AOL screen name with other software or services.
Let's get started: 1. Create an Apple ID, 2. Review Your Account Details

Alright, fine. I already have made a new Apple ID, but I click Continue.

I get this error message: An error occurred. The iTunes Store could not process your request, please try again later. WHAT THE ****? Anyone know how to fix this problem? I have over 1,000 songs I can't play. I can play them just fine on my iPod, but I can't on my computer.

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