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I just got an iPod touch (3.1 software) and Safari is working fine. However, YouTube is not working. I open it and it says "Cannot connect to YouTube", and I can't watch any videos or do anything. Does anyone know how to sort this out?

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    I also had this problem with a 2g touch.

    Try going to the youtube website and watch a movie from there, does that play?
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    It didn't work when I tried it, thanks anyway.
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    I have the same problem! Just bought an iPod Touch. Initially said "Cannot connect to YouTube". Safari works OK, as does iTunes and other apps.
    I've connected the iPod to the PC when YouTube open on PC and have managed to get further with the YouTube app on the Touch - I can now log in on the Touch app, but just says "Loading" all the time when I try to go into any of the categories such as "search", etc. Haven't got any videos to play at all
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    I have the same issue and it is amazing to me that there are so many issues here with YouTube that Apple doesn't notice. My iTouch does not connect with YouTube. I just recently updated the software on mine to 3.1.2 that i bought from the iTunes store. Prior to the update there was no issue with YouTube - Youtube was fast and i could navigate the videos very quickly. Add to this - I also have a iPhone. I updated the software on it during the summer and suddenly YouTube stopped working on it too. I don't use youtube on my iPhone anyway - so i dismissed it for a glitch during the 3.1.2 upgrade.

    So today I call Apple customer support on this issue. They insist its a hardware issue and tell me that I need to pay $35 for support. I say no .. I'm not paying $35 ... YouTube is a bundled software AP that comes factory installed with iTouch. Its the only thing not working ... since I purchased their O/S software a few days ago. However, no amount of arguing seemed to get the tech support person off their belief that this was definitely a H/W issue. So I tell them I want my upgrade money back and my O/S returned to factory setting. They said they will not / can not return my itouch to factory O/S so basically I'm screwed.

    Tech support tells me to send an e-mail with my issue to the iTunes help desk - so I send the following:

    Model: MA623C
    Serial #: 1D891DYK17F
    Product: iTouch 8G

    This issue is a follow-up after my call to Technical support. I was provided this web address to get resolution on my issue.

    After upgrade to 3.1.2, YouTube no longer works. I get a message "Cannot connect to YouTube". Once in a while - it does connect. I get a few listings but eventually it fails to connect. This was never the way it worked before - so in order to troubleshoot after upgrade, I have tried the following:
    1) restore my iTouch to factory settings (3 times)
    2) renewed my DNS
    3) resync'd several times - ensured region, date, time settings were correct (like they suggest here http://forums.cnet.com/5208-7595_102-0.html?threadID=275565)

    Nothing worked. Youtube never connects.

    Thing is - I just bought this upgrade and tech support will not help me with my issue. Prior to the 3.1.2 upgrade everything worked fine. I call technical support regarding this purchase and they want to charge me $35 because they say its a "itouch product issue". It is not a h/w issue. It is software otherwise 1) why do other aps like Safari and Aps store work (ie not wifi issue) 2) youtube worked fine for a year since I got this iTouch - then suddenly stops after the upgrade.

    I could understand if this was a 3rd party application that is selectable from the aps store - but Apple bundles this software and its part of the upgrade! I should get free support for this upgrade.

    Baring that you will not give me free support - I just want things back the way it was. I would like a refund on the upgrade and my factory installed software restored.

    By the way - just for reference .... I have an iPhone as well. I upgraded that device several months ago. Since then YouTube has never worked. I never complained then because I don't use YouTube on that device - and the other s/w features were what I really wanted.

    Thank you.

    I get the following message back:

    Dear Troy,

    I'm sorry that you're having some difficulties with "YouTube" after you upgraded our iPod touch. My name is Romaine and I am happy to assist you today, as I am sure you are eager to have this issue resolved.

    I suggest you turn your iPod touch off and back on, remove the application, and then download it again. If you paid for this application, you'll be able to download it again for free. For detailed instructions and other troubleshooting suggestions, please see:

    Troubleshooting applications purchased from the App Store

    Thank you for choosing the iTunes Store. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance with this issue. Have a good day.


    iTunes Store Customer Support Advisor

    What??? Nice cut&paste job ... I've searched for YouTube on the ap store. Its not there. Some 3rd party variants are but I have never seen the bundled applications anywhere. If someone knows where they are - appreciate the link.

    Otherwise - bad support experience and I no longer have youtube.
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    i had the same problem with youtube. try changing the date of your ipod to something after 2030. and youtube will not work with this date. then change the date back the the correct date. i did this and youtube worked after about an hour.
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    Tried that at least 3-4 times ... but thanks for the suggestion.
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    I have the same problem. Ipod touch 16 gig with 3.1.2. Can't connect to youtube on 2 different wireless networks. Same problem if I try to connect via safari.
    error message reads - 'can't connect to Youtube'

    If I restore - does this mean I go back to os 2 on the iPod? I also have trouble updating my weather. Is this a related issue?

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    This is from Ireland. Do not know if this will work. Had problems with youtube. Could not access it through wi fi.

    One work around is through Safari. The other i have used is Wi-Fi. Router, hit blue> DNS change to

    Make sure you know to DNS to return if this does not fix the problem. Works here

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    hi guys,
    I too am having problems with my itouch not able to connect to youtube! I just found out that it couldn't connect to youtube yesterday when i tried to use it. I JUST updated my itouch to the latest 3.1 software 2 days ago and this problem arises. Even for the facebook app, it will close itself and go back to the home screen while you're using. I've never encountered this problem in the almost 1 year that i've been using this device!
    I've tried the changing of date to something after 2030 suggestion by some of you, but even that doesnt seem to work. Can someone PLEASE help? I'm in desperate need for solution to this problem.
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    I hope you're reading this before apple comes in not to fix the problem but to censor posts that point out how they screwed up. They are happy to monitor these forums so closely that they have someone censoring any post that points out bugs they failed to fix but nobody to fix problems. Excellent customer service.

    Anyway reposting again for you:


    I'm with you 100%, apple is scum. Between this and there nonsense closed platform bs which only benefits them and customers in no way - apple is boycott worthy.

    This problem is SUPER widespread across multiple devices and multiple software versions. Just google the problem or see a thread like this: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=723272 It's been around for months if not years and there is no official fix for it. UNBELIEVABLE.

    Furthermore the e-mail tech support you were given is completely incompetent and idiotic. Even their lowest level indian call center drone should know that youtube is a preinstalled app - you cannot remove it and reinstall it. It's BUILT in. It's like the Safari button or the compass (if you have a 3GS). Their response about the hardware is laughable.

    You should dispute the charge for the os upgrade with your credit card company and file a better business bureau complaint against apple (www.bbb.org).

    I thought apple products were supposed to be famous for working quickly and easily but this iPhone is the BUGGIEST piece of electronics I've ever owned!