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I have been using Appleworks since the early '80's. For the past 10 years it has been Appleworks for Windows 6.2.2. So I know this application well. Yesterday, when I opened the program, the vertical/horizontal page scroll bars (used to scroll through pages in large files) disappeared and was was replaced by the smaller "pane bar". I can no longer scroll through my documents, but can still select a page to "jump" to. I have un-installed and then re-installed the program, to no avail. Can anyone help?

Toshiba Satellite, Windows XP, Running Appleworks for Windows
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    When AppleWorks that was functioning correctly stops doing so the usual cause is corrupt preferences. Unfortunately, I've never been able to locate them in Windows XP. I could in Windows 95 &, of course, I know where they are on a Mac. I hope you are more familiar with Windows than I am & can locate them. On a Mac the files are named AppleWorks 6 Assistants Cache, AppleWorks 6 Preferences & AppleWorks 6 Translators Cache. I just did a search in Windows XP (in Parallels on my iMac) & can't find them. I find may files with the word AppleWorks but nothing that is a preference file.

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    Peggy - I suspect that you are correct. I just installed Appleworks on a friends Dell PC and the right and bottom scroll bars appear. I have again un and then re installed the application on my Toshiba but still no bars. I searched for the Appleworks preferences file on the PC, but to no avail. Plenty of Appleworks files, but no preferences. Even if I found it, I wouldn't know how to repair same. Without the scroll bar I cannot access anything other than the current page. I even tried my portable mouse in lieu of the trackpad that I usually use on the laptop, but still no ability to scroll beyond the current page. This scroll bar function works just fine with all my other programs, so it is definitely an Appleworks related problem. I am willing to pay for the help, but since I am running an esentially Mac product on a PC, I don't even know who I would contact. Any ideas?

    Frank Caruso

    PS- I knew that I would eventually regret having changed from my long time Mac use to PC. I have over 10 years worth of Appleworks files that are now unusable.
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    If you can find the preferences, all you have to do is delete it. AppleWorks will create new, clean preferences the next time you launch it.