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Help! Can anyone advise where I may be going wrong? I'm trying to view a photo slideshow on my TV using the Component AV cable, but all I get is a blank TV screen.

I've got a digital TV (so I don't think that's the problem), I've connected the blue, green and red VIDEO wires into the back of the TV into the corresponding sockets (labelled "Component") and connected up the AUDIO wires as well. I've turned the iPhone on, selected a slideshow and all I get is a blank TV. And yes, I have turned on the TV!!!!

I've tried switching between PAL and NTSC (in the "TV Out" menu under "Settings") but that doesn't seem to make any difference.

Can anyone help?

Thank you


DELL Dimension 3100
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    Video cables are only for viewing Videos (or playing music) form the iPod app and from the YouTube app. The Photo app does not push out via the cables.
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    Thank you for your help! I feel like an idiot!!! Is there a cable you can buy for showing photos?

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    No as it is the app that needs to be able to talk to the video out of the device. It isn't about the cables. Currently the only things that can talk to video out are the iPod app and the YouTube app. There may be some apps in the appstore that can but I don't know of any myself.
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    You can indeed view a photo slideshow from your iPhone on a TV.

    Connect you iPhone to your TV using the appropriate cable (component AV in your case). Make sure your TV is set to the correct input (AV4 on my TV). Switch on the iPhone and select the Photos app. Select the album you wish to view and tap the Play symbol at the bottom of the screen. The slideshow should now appear on your TV screen.

    As far as settings go, mine are as follows:
    Settings - iPod - TV Out
    Widescreen ON
    TV Signal PAL (I live in a PAL region).

    The above works for me. Possible suggestions as to why it's not working for you:
    Have you got the correct cable?
    Is it plugged into the correct sockets on your TV?
    Have you actually tapped play? In my experience still photos don't show up on the TV but the slideshow does.

    Sorry I can't be of any more help. Good luck.

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    Can you play ANY (iPod ?) video on the tv?, If not, may be the cable faulty or incompatible.
    What cable, iPhone & software are you using ?