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For some reason I now can't load music on to my iphone via itunes. Everything else works. iphone syncs and backs up. Can load apps to iphone via itunes, and pics. However, the music that I've previously loaded on to the ipod on my iphone is not active - it's grayed out. I can still load music onto my ipod. I would appreciate any suggestions about how I can overcome this problem.

I should also say that I have no problems playing the music that's already loaded on to the iphone.


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    Music is supposed to be 'grayed out' unless you are Manually Managing your content (which you are likely doing on your iPod). You can turn that on for your iPhone as well (Summary tab check box), but be aware that all your music/video content will be erased and need to be reloaded.

    If you're not manually managing music, to add/delete music you must manage the playlists. Create another playlist and sync that to the phone (check the box on the Music tab) or make a change to an existing playlist that's synced to the phone (add/delete songs) and then sync - your iPhone will be updated accordingly.
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    Itunes will only let you load music that you have purchased or ripped into itunes. If you're trying to move music on your ipod to your iphone, try the following: launch itunes, connect your iphone, unmount your iphone, but while still in itunes connect your ipod, DO NOT SYNC!, go up to "file", select transfer purchases made on this ipod to this computer, unmount your ipod when finished, connect your iphone & you can then sync your ipod content at that point.
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    Thank you very much for the prompt response neuroa. Yes - your suggestion worked perfectly. I appreciate your help!
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    And thank you for taking the time to respond wjosten.