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Since installing Snow Leopard, it seems like all my cameras have reverted to using the Camera RGB. I used to select them under devices in colorsync to use the sRGB profile. I can change it again, and images are imported with that profile imbedded, but if I unplug the camera and replug it in, it forgets this and reverts back to Camera RGB.

I realise camera RGB is pretty close to sRGB, so it's not a big issue - except it also embed camera RGB files on images that are recorded in the Adobe RGB color space.

How can I make the changes to what color profile will be embedded according to device in SNow Leopard? Is this a bug? Is there way to see or set this in the new image capture?
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    No help?

    I was looking at the preferences, and it appears that Image Capture now uses a new preference list, but it doesn't record the devices. What application is supposed to remember the settings for each device? The colorsync plist seems to be of no help either.