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Hallo everybody.

I have a small question. How to access "Mobile Access"
I found nothing in the documentation. Is it mobile.myserver.com in the browser ?

I test a server 10.6 here in my office and I think my setup is ok.
DNS, iCal, Wiki are working perfect. But how to implement Mobile Access ??

Thanx for your help!


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    HAHA, I just posted the exact question. Docs say SSL but give no details, so dunno. If I find any info I'll post; hopfully someone knows.
  • jmca Level 2 Level 2
    I agree, not in the documentation. However the marketing page


    Shows a regular https://mobile.example.com in Safari. I have the MA server behind an Airport and thought that may be the problem. So I put in directly into the cable modem, updated my external DNS and tried again. I was using my iPhone to try to load the MA login page.

    There was this from page 184 of the Network Services Admin manual
    After you configure NAT, start Mobile Access service to make it available.

    So I turned on NAT, but still no luck.

    What do you need for this to work? Does the MA server need to be the gateway? Why wouldn't the login page serve up even without NAT?

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    (That quote from page 184 of the manual contains an error; it should make no reference to NAT.)
    The most common misunderstandings of Mobile Access service are:
    1. You need to run it on a separate host from the one where your HTTP services run, and the Mobile Access host needs to be the one on the public internet.
    2. You need to use split DNS, and that usually means getting your ISP to create a public DNS record that maps your origin server host name to the public IP address of the host running Mobile Access.
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    I'm pretty sure I have split DNS setup correctly. I'm using no-ip on the outside and OS X server inside. They both have and entry for mobileacces.server.com. The outside is a public address the inside is an internal address.

    The problem is that when I go to the public address nothing comes up. I would expect a login page over the default http ports. To test out the DNS I turned on the webserver and I got the default web page. So my DNS is going to the right server on the outside & inside.

    It's like Mobile Access is not listening. I would think that there would be something in the logs when I try to hit it.
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    While these training videos require prior expertise in server admin, they explain mobile access and how to set it up. It's a very real feature, but one that Apple decided not to cover in detail in their manuals.

    Funny, because it's pretty much one of the best features of the server.

    Here are the videos:


    For those reading in a future where the above link is broken, search with keywords in Google:

    sean colins lynda
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    You'll need a second server (reverse proxy) to implement Mobile Access. Check the Apple manual, it is mentioned.


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    I see. Well, then Mobile Access is a no go for me.