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When I send an mms picture to someone with out a iPhone they don't see the picture.

Does anyone know why this would be happening, or having this problem?

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    Various reasons.

    1) Could be that AT&T is still having growing pains. (and/or iPhone software)
    2) MMS has never been a standard across phones/carriers. SMS is a standard (for the most part) but MMS relies on phone, it's capabilities (how large of a picture can the OS on that phone accept/render), and carrier restrictions (some carriers only allow smaller photos while others allow larger).

    Even before owning the iPhone (back when nobody I knew even owned a smart phone) I always had issues sending pics to all of my friends. Some could get em, some couldn't. Most times because I did have a higher end phone and they had cheapo ones that could not handle an image as large as the phone I had was sending. If I put pics on my old phone manually via computer that was smaller, then sent that one, they could get it. Other times (remember this is the past) I couldn't ever send to a Sprint user.

    So could be a variety of reasons or combination of them.