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Ok i have been wanting to get an iPhone for a while now. About 8 months ago a bunch of us in our company upgraded our phones and most of us got new blackberry's because thats what we always had. One person decided to get an iPhone. When i tried to set up the e-mail for them it just didnt work well at all. Some e-mail came in, most didnt. An e-mail would go out, but most wouldnt. There was no rhyme or reason for it. We were missing tons of e-mails and in our industry i cant afford to miss e-mails and have them not come through, or not being able to reply to them. We dont use AOL, or Gmail, or any of those, but our e-mail is not on an exchange server. It is POP3. I was thinking that maybe the e-mail has gotten better and maybe it will work now? Well at least im hoping... Any ideas?
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    Although a POP account can be accessed with more than one email client, a POP account is designed to be accessed with a single email client only. If the account is being accessed with an email client on the one person's computer and the email client on the one person's computer is launched and running actively checking the incoming mail server for new messages while the iPhone's Mail client is doing the same, only one email client can be checking the incoming mail server for new messages and/or downloading new messages at a time.

    In addition, what is the account setting with the email client used on the computer for accessing the account for removing messages from the server when downloaded? If set to remove messages from the server when downloaded and the email client is actively checking the account for new messages and downloading new messages received at the server while the iPhone's Mail client is doing the same, the messages downloaded with the email client on the computer will be removed from the server when downloaded so the messages will not be available for the iPhone's Mail client to download when the iPhone's Mail client checks the incoming mail server for new messages afterwards.

    Does the account have an authenticated SMTP server?

    If not, there will be problems sending messages with the account depending on the the internet service provider being used for the internet connection at the time.
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    I just looked at my webmail through the internet from the host and it looks like i still have e-mails back until 9/28 on there, so it doesnt look like it is removing them completly right away. It looks like they stay on for 5 days. At least that is what it looks like right now. This is for my e-mail.

    Now i just checked the webmail for the person we tred to set up their iPhone about 8 months ago and they have NO EMAIL'S in the webmail. Maybe its because theres is set to remove all once the Outlook downloads them?

    Also, on my Outlook, we have the box checked that says "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication".
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    Every mail server requires settings from the IT folks that set it up. We cannot tell you the settings for your company. Have you asked the IT staff what settings you need to use to access your mail servers via POP.

    Also, it could just be setup that it works via POP on your company network only but outside you can only access via web mail (which is NOT pop, just a web server that is on the inside of your network).

    So the answer is, you need to get settings from your IT staff and they will only work IF they setup mail to work outside of their network beyond just webmail.