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Hello there,
I've got a 2nd generation iPod touch. It's always behaved pretty much well. This morning i downloaded an email and replied to it. It wasn't spam or anything like that. Th email got sent out without a problem when i then went to check and see if there was anything to download i kept getting the download symbol above in the top left corner and when i went to check my inbox all m emails had disapeared as too did all the messages in my sent box. I am now getting bold type in blue which says Load More Messages. i message total, 0 read. When i press to do that it flickers and nothing happens. I have checked my webmail and the email i replied to is there and not deleted but that's not on the ipod but my reply which was sent from my iPod has completely disappeared as have the rest. Can anyone please advise me on this. It's really important i get this sorted as i use the email all the time and fnd it very useful but if is now going to behave in an unpredictable manner and i am going to keep losing important message i will probably have to stop using it..please help !!!


iPod Touch 2nd Gen, iPhone OS 3.0.1, 16GB - 8GB remaining