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Most of the album art work I had on my 60 GB ipod Video, have disappeared resently. Why is this?

dell, Windows Vista
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    Hello arntl,
    And welcome to Apple Discussions!

    It sounds like the iPod's artwork database has become corrupt. As to why or how, that is unknown. It seems to happen at random for several people. Could be the result of improperly disconnecting the iPod, but other than that, I have no other possible ideas. Somebody else may though.

    As to how to fix it, you used to be able to clear out and rebuild the artwork cache by unchecking the "include artwork on this iPod" option, syncing, re-checking that same option, and then once again syncing those updates to your iPod. Those steps usually resolved the problem.

    However, as of iTunes 9, that option was removed and the only way to rebuild the database is to restore the iPod via iTunes.

    Actually, it you want to give it a shot, you could always try to remove the artwork from the files that are having the problem in iTunes, and then re-add the artwork back to those same files. From there, sync the updated changes to your iPod and see if that helps. Of course, you would probably only want to attempt this if the artwork problem lies only with a few songs and not a majority of your music.

    Hope this helps.

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    The art work for most of my music has disappeared, so I suppose I'll have to restore my ipod using itunes. But thanks anyway!

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    I have also lost all the artwork on about 80gb of music on my ipod classic 120.
    I recently added 5 music albums and an audiobook from audible.co.uk. The artwork for these files is fine, but everything else has disappeared.
    I am always careful when disconnecting the ipod and do not believe this to be the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions.
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    hi there,

    i had this happen to me after i restored my ipod! it was acting strangely so i restored it and when i put the songs back on it i noticed most (but not all) had missing album artwork. i put a whole bunch of artwork back on and then discovered that it when i look at the ipod tracks in itunes (9, by the way), it is there but is not on the ipod itself. no matter what i do i can't seem to get the ipod to make the missing album artwork reappear and i can't tell for the life of me what is different between the songs that will have album artwork appear on the ipod and the rest that don't.

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    I had a similar problem. My artwork on some of songs disappeared only on my iPod not iTunes. Also, the names of the songs stopped being centered, they became aligned to the left.


    1. I've manually deleted the old artwork and pasted new art and sometimes used the download "missing album artwork." It worked but it was a time consuming pain.

    2. I googled to find a faster solution. Found this thread. It didn't really help. I then found this site http://www.downloadsquad.com/2006/11/30/how-to-fix-your-itunes-artwork/
    What you should do is highlight all your songs (or which ones you want). Then Right click to get to the "edit information" window. Check on the artwork square so that all your songs will have the same blank artwork. Then click ok. All your artwork should be reset. If not, highlight everything again and right click and choose "clear downloaded artwork."

    Now to get your artwork back. Highlight everything again. Right click and select "get album artwork" or go the "Advanced" tab in the top left corner.

    (Sorry, I only have PC... I think you ca still do this with Macs if you know where to find the quoted parts in your iTunes.)