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Hi there.
I recently had a problem with my apps. They work perfectly on my iPhone 3G 3.1 (7C144), and they all appear at my itunes. The problem is that many of them can be updated. In iTunes, it shows me a text under my apps that is saying "x updates available". When I press that, it takes me to a page saying no updates available, check again later.. uh?
On iPhone, it shows the number of the updates on the app store icon, i go there, on the updates submenu, it shows all the apps that have an update, but when i try to update it sais "cant connec to iTunes store"
I don't know what to do :/ can u guys help me?

Windows XP
  • ulmelqlo Level 1 Level 1
    I finally figured out what the issue is.

    On iTunes, I found in my list of apps a few apps that I had deleted on my phone but these deletions did not synchronize properly with the computer. Look closely at your list and find the apps that are no longer on the phone but somehow are still on iTunes despite syncing.

    It seems iTunes is still looking for updated for these old apps and when any are available they appear as "Available Updates". iTunes is drawing its update query from this list. But then when you click on the updates button, none appear because iTunes also seems to know that these apps are no longer on your phone.

    In other words: this is a bug. For whatever reason Apple has not bothered to fix this for months now.

    Solution: Go one and by one and delete on iTunes the ones you no longer have. Presto!