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Composing my video using iMovie for use on my iWeb site. The size is 17mb and growing. I'm looking for Mac software to reduce the file size and create a better format for iWeb.

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MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8), iWeb09
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    Since you're using iMovie here's a method that may work for you:

    1 - use the Share->MobileMe Gallery menu option.
    2 - select the size(s) that might work for those with fast and slow internet connections.

    Click to view full size

    3 - publish.
    4 - embed the MMe gallery in your iWeb page via an HTML snippet like shown here: Adding a MMe Gallery from iMovie 09

    This way you can post different sizes for different internet connection speeds.

    *NOTE: This assumes you have a MobileMe account.*

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    OT; thanks for the info, but am I better off to use some other app. such as Quick Time Pro? Would Quick Time work better with iWeb than iMovie?

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    I ran a test with a 22MB movie file and exported for web with QT Pro at both the desktop and iPhone size. The desktop size came in a 4.8 MB and the iPhone at 147 KB but the quality was simply terrible. You'd have to compare the quality with the original to see if it would be suitable.

    There may be some custom setting that might give better results. I'd ask in the iMovie or Quicktime forum. QuicktimeKirk can surely get you on the right track.