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My iTunes store won't load.
It used to load.

When my sister got her iPod a long time ago, she set up an account to buy music from the itunes store. It worked then.

I don't know what's happened since then, but we don't know the password, or account name.

But it doesn't matter, because when I try to log on with this account (which I made to post this) it gives me the same message as when I click on Genius or iTunes store...

"_*iTunes could not connect to the iTunes store.*_
Make sure your connection is active then try again. "

I've looked at the troubleshooting options, and flushed my DNS. Deleted Norton completely, same with another antivirus, and windows firewall is disabled, and allows iTunes.

Can anyone give me any help? I have an acer computer running Windows Vista Home Premium. I've got the latest (9.0.1?) itunes, that I just downloaded. But even before that, I had between 7-8 and it would NOT work.

Acer, Windows Vista