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ok, I've read everything I can find on the subject, and I can't seem to figure this out. Please excuse me if I'm repeating someone else, but I'm completely and totally frustrated at this point!

I've got a Macbook Pro and an iMac. I want to share files between the two. I set the file sharing preferences to allow the correct users to access the correct files.

On my iMac I can get to the files on the Macbook Pro. But on the Macbook Pro, I can not get to the iMac shared files. It used to be that I could access them for a while, but after about an hour of working we would have to reset the preferences on the shared folder. Now I can't even see the shared folder.

Another maybe related (maybe unrelated) thing - the iMac doesn't like to connect to our wireless network. Once it starts up, you have to disconnect Airport and reconnect before you can browse the internet (even though it claims to be connected from the start).

Any ideas? please!?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8), also have a Macbook Pro running 10.5.8
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    are they both running the same OS? what OS? are both computers wireless? does the internet cut off a lot? how's your WiFi reception? If you're in a home or private setting, you can always try sharing the whole drive instead of just the 'shared' or 'public' folder, just make sure to have a good password on both.

    have you tried repairing permissions on both computers?? try booting from the disk instead of just running the program off your HD, and instead of installing an OS, go to utilities and 'disk utility' after you choose english. You can also try to hardwire the computers just to see what happens, if you still get disconnected, then you have some software issues with one of your computers (could be either one)

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    Wow, lots of questions. Thanks... let me see if I can answer:

    Both are running OS X 10.5 and are wireless. The interenet doesn't cut out at all on the Macbook, and is fine once it starts on the iMac (just takes a couple tries). The WiFi reception is fine. We are in a private home-office setting. I'm not sure how to share a whole drive... but that sounds like maybe what we should be doing instead.

    We have repaired permissions numerous times. It always seemed to reset itself once a new file or folder was created. I mean, it still lists the shared folder as read and write, but the enclosed items have to be reset.

    I didn't quite understand your comment about trying to boot from the disk, but I'll read around and see what I can find.

    I have a suspicion that our networks are messed up somehow. When we set up the network from the iMac, we followed the prescribed steps but then we had to change Internet Providers. When we changed to the new wireless router that was provided, there were limited instructions and I think somehow a couple of networks now exist. But I have no idea how to confirm that we are using the same one.

    Can it be possible that there is a network set up through iMac and another one set up through the wireless router?

    thanks for your reply!

    just found another person with a similar issue
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    you wouldn't happen to have 'internet sharing' on would you? If you do, you don't need it and it might interfere. Again, try connecting the two computers via ethernet (and turn airport off on both) see what happens. and it's totally possible that you imac has created it's own network, but if both computers share the same internet connection, then they're both connected to the same network.
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    worst comes to worst, you can always just buy a network hard drive, hook it up to your router and share that. They're pretty inexpensive and should solve your sharing problem, yet not really solve anything, just work around it
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    nope... we don't have 'internet sharing' on for either one.
    When the two are connected via ethernet, everything is fine. But we don't have the office set up to where a permanent cable is feasible. Is there a way to diagnose why it's working wirelessly? Thanks so much for your help! - mariana
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    I've thought up of everything I have. To tell you the truth, you don't really need a two way file sharing. as long as one folder can be accessed by both computers (in your case your iMac can access your macbook) you can share files from both computers by dragging things into/from that folder. To share from your macbook to your imac, just drag things to that folder and your imac should be able to access it.

    Having your iMac be able to read and write to one folder on your macbook is more than enough to share information both ways
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    MacMan, I appreciate your help. Your last suggestion won't work unfortunately. Our iMac is significantly bigger than the Macbook and all our work material (design files - large) are on it... and of course IT is the one we can't seem to locate from other computers. It's the one we really need to work off of.

    thanks anyway!
    Anyone else out there listening?