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Question: Sync fails in iTunes 9.0 & 9.01: "too many files open" and error -6999

I've been trying to synch my iPod (Touch, g1) for the last couple weeks but have been getting errors ever since going to iTunes 9.0.

First it blew my library and now says "Previous iTunes Libraries" at the top. Can live with that (after going through and reloading about 2/3s of the album artwork).

But now am getting two errors every time I try to sync. One is, "Attempting to copy to the disk '[my iPod's name]' failed. There are too many files open currently."

Elsewhere I saw it suggested for this error that I turn off sharing, but, alas, sharing isn't turned on.

The second error message is, "The iPod '[my iPod's name]' cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (-6999)." and I can't find any mention by Apple about what to do about this.

HELP. Please.

iPod Touch, Windows XP Pro, various Mac, Linux & XP

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Oct 7, 2009 8:05 AM in response to XXP In response to XXP

There has been some advice to turn off "sharing" to stop getting the "too many files open" error message, but, as noted in my question, sharing was already turned off in the iTunes Preferences.

But, it turns out, of course, that there is another kind of sharing in the 9.x iTunes -- the one for sharing libraries on your local network. Don't know why they are different because the function seems the same, but I noticed that there was still an icon for "home sharing" or "house sharing" (little picture of a house) on the library/playlist list in iTunes.

I right clicked on the house icon and found another checkbox switch there. I turned that one off too (Why Apple?) and, voila, the "too many files" error has (apparently) gone away.

Hope this helps some others out there.

Apparently you have to turn off sharing in two different places. (Again; why is that, Apple?)

Oct 7, 2009 8:05 AM

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Question: Sync fails in iTunes 9.0 & 9.01: "too many files open" and error -6999