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I recently recieved an email in my junk folder that I reported to the internet crime bureau. I am new to Mac computers but I have heard that you do not need a anti virus program, Norton, on your computer because Apple runs on a UNIX system. Should I install Norton? I have not had anything "weird" or anything out of the ordinary pop up or happen on my computer. Just want to be cautious. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

MacBook Pro, iPhone OS 3.0.1
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    The general consensus is that you should not need to install any anti-virus software on your Mac. As you can also run Windows on a Mac, you would still want to install an antivirus program within Windows.

    You'll see lots of people that recommend that you stay away from Norton AV. If you do wish to install an antivirus program on your Mac, the most common recommendation (and it's free) is ClamXAV:

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    By the way, as of now, what I gathered from Symantec site, Mac's Norton AV is still not compatible with Snow Leopard. That is, if you are running SL

    Thanks and cheers