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So this has happened to me twice. Someone has called me and the slide to answer thing has not worked. I have slid my finger, as always, through the designated space, but the iphone hasn't reacted. The little grey box doesn't move, until it eventually does after me trying to slide it ten times or something like that.

This has happened twice, and all other times, both before and after these mishaps, the slide and other touch functions of my iphone have worked impeccably well. I just wonder why this is, has anyone else had this problem? Is it something wrong with my iphone or is this just normal bug that happens occasionally?

Macbook pro 13" mid-209, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
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    Did you already try to reset your phone by holding the sleep and home button until the Apple logo comes up? You won't lose any data doing a reset.
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    No I didn't. As I said, it did work out in the end, after something like 10 attempts. I was just wondering why this happens.
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    Doing a reset is part of the standard procedures if your phone is not operating as expected. See also http://www.apple.com/support/iphone/troubleshooting/phone/
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    Yeah, I got that. I usually do reset when something is not quite right. For example, my ipods have frozen, refused to turn off quite a few times - this has been something normal and has perhaps happened because I pushed some buttons to fast, and a reset always fixed this.

    Since I just got my iphone and being a bit paranoid over every move I make with it, I was just wondering if anyone knew why the aforementioned thing happened. It doesn't mess up my "iphone-experience" or anything, I just wonder why a perfectly fine working iPhones "slide to answer/unlock" doesn't work. Perhaps there is no answer, and perhaps different types of small errors happen every now and then...
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    Maybe the new firmware update will improve the performance. In the end the iphone is a small computer and not just a normal ipod anymore. There are a lot of 3r party apps out there and although they have been tested, some of them might influence the behavior of your phone.
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    As lots of users I am having the problem that my iPhone takes many seconds to unlock once I "slide to unlock" it could sometimes take 5 to 10 seconds before my telephone reacts.
    This is really anoying, because I can't even pick up a phonecall when this happens, I have to wait untill my phone stops ringing, and then I suddenly can unlock the phone and I have to call that person back (this cant be the meaning of a phone)
    I recently noticed that this must have to do with wifi. I disabled wifi for almost 2 weeks, and I never noticed the problem again. The moment I put wifi back on, the same problem starts again. the screen stays black when I want to get it out of sleep, and after a while it gets back to life.
    This happens with the latest 3.1.2 firmware