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it's not an old computer as such - just a new harddrive in the same comp... but itunes thinks it's a new computer (this is regarding syncing an iphone to itunes)

How do you delete one from a list of 3 out of 5 allowed? I can't seem to find how to see the list and select the one I want to delete....

any ideas?

Windows XP Pro
  • polydorus Level 6 (11,955 points)
    You can't delete authorisation without access to the actual PC that was authorised. If you change the drive it counts as a different PC, so always deauthorise before changing drive or reinstalling your operating system.

    When you have used all 5 authorisations, you get an option to deauthorise all you PCs from your account in the store. Then you can reauthoise the ones you want.
    You cannonly do this once a year.
    Sometimes you clock up more than one authorisation on the same PC, you can get out of this by deauthorising repeatedly until you get the message that the PC was not authorised.
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    the HD crashed - so couldn't deauthorise it before hand... still if i can't do it I cant do it... will wait to hit 5 eventually then.. Thanks for the help..