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I sync my iPod Touch first generation, completely up to date with iPod software and iTunes and my Smart Playlists are not synced. My "Most Recently Added" is just random songs, most of which I put on long long ago. This is all the smart playlists. I even look at the playlist on my iPod (in iTunes) while the iPod is connected in iTunes and it has the correct playlist. Any help would be appreciated.

Dell XPS M1530, Windows Vista
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    i also have the same problem my top 50most played and recently added and recently played are not right D: on itunes theyre right but not when i put them on the ipod! any help anyonee?!?!
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    Try adding the criteria "Playlist Is Music", where "Music" is the general folder for all music-related items in iTunes. Live Updating (on the iPod) will no longer work for this playlist since the "Music" folder is not loaded on the iPod, but this should fix the contents of your playlist.
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    The advice regarding setting the rule on the playlist to "Playlist is Music" has worked for me. Many thanks. I've had to do it for each of the playlists that matter to me, but hey ho.

    Wee point though. Why does this need to be done now? With my previous 30GB Photo, it was plug in USB, click on sync, job done. No problems. Why does it have to be SO convoluted for the IPT? I'm happy that my issue is solved, but I'm MAJORLY ****** off that it's that bit more difficult than it needs to be.
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    I was excited that iPod update 3.1.2 was out, but it didn't fix this issue. Whats up with this Apple? This is definitely software related as I have never had trouble with this before until 3.0...Any fixes besides the temporary one? I could just make a Most Recently Added playlist and update it myself each time I plug in my iPod. Really annoying though...
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    im sorry i dont understand where you put playlist is music im slightly confused thankyou
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    kadypinknu1fan wrote:
    im sorry i dont understand where you put playlist is music im slightly confused thankyou

    If you edit a smart playlist, you add this as one of the criteria. Start with the category "Playlist", then in the next field select "Is", then in the next field select the folder called "Music".
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    Yep!! This worked!!

    Thanks very much =) but its oviously a tad annoying =) to do this haha =) Thanks again
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    I have a first gen ipod touch (32gb) and I had the same issue.

    I followed your advice and now my smart playlist are synced correctly once more. But I don't understand why I had to go through all this Apple...
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    The advice wasn't helpful to me as I have a playlist of podcasts. There is no "Playlist is podcasts" option. How can I synch my podcast lists?