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Purchased Ipod classic dec 2007 80gb. It has now died son has used it most days to watch movies. We have now had to buy a new 160 gb one.

ipod classic, Windows XP Pro
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    I have an 80G and i bought it about 4 years ago and it still works, even though it has been dropped recently and the inner screen has been cracked, but it still works! You must have gotten a bad egg.
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    It really depends on how it is used (and abused). I have a 160GB Classic purchased two weeks after the initial release and it is going strong (knock on wood). I also have a 60GB Video (5th gen) purchased December '05 that is also happily playing music (and has since been passed on to my son).

    You do not say what happened to your Classic. If it is the battery, that can be replaced for a modest cost (certainly a lot cheaper than a new iPod). Other issues can also be fixed for a reasonable price. There are iPod repair facilities (not affiliated with Apple) that can diagnose and repair (http://www.iresq.com is one that I've read good things about on this forum).
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    Ditto exactly what GLNHP stated above... I have a 80GB video still kicking around and working well daily for music and my original 160 Classic was just traded-up for a new 160 Classic to get the genius mixes.

    None of which have ever experienced issue. However DO NOTE that classic does have a HDD so it can't be "thrown around" or dropped like a solid state memory player (such as the nano).

    I've always used the classic devices in a secure and pretty much stationary role, it has never seen alot of movement such as exercise routines or the insides of school bags.

    Additionally my old original ipod was working well until it was dropped and the case started to open, and that's when the video ipod was acquired in about 2005!
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    I purchased my classic 160GB back in 2007 and it is still working fine.