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Just bought a Samsung Jet (S8000) mobile phone and try to copy my Itunes playlists to this phone.
When connected by Bluetooth i can only select a few files at the time (fi one album) to send to the phone. It would take days to copy the whole library. Is there a way to do this more efficiently?

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    Well bluetooth is not all that quick for large amounts of data. Are you saving them files to the phone's memory or to a flash memory card? If the card, can you hook the card up directly to your computer via a card reader? Then you could copy directly from iTunes to the card with drag and drop.

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    I was working with bluetooth to connect phone and car audio, probably that's why i didnot think of this simple procedure. Thanks, you've put me back on my feet. I'll try this later, btw. can i keep my itunes playlists, songtexts etc. on my phone?