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hi friends, i have two ipods, i pod nano and an 3rd gen ipod shuffle. i usually connect my Ipod nano to my itunes( and today i connected my shuffle after a long time. OMG it got resetted. ALl data lost im so disappointed,

How do i connect two ipods to the same Comp same Itune?
Now after this if i connect my ipod nano will that also get resetted?

Pls help thanks in advance

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  • Ian Parkinson Level 6 Level 6
    You can connect as many iPods as you like to iTunes with no problems at all.

    They are all managed as separate devices.

    The issue you had with your iPod being reset was not caused by multiple iPods but for some other reason.

    If you keep all your content in iTunes you will not have lost anything as you can always sync the content to the iPod again. What content did you lose that you cannot sync again from iTunes?