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I tried to tune my new iPod nano (5th gen), but I can't get it to "even" tenth's of MHz (e.g. 91.8 FM, 88.0 FM, 102.0 FM). It seems to have only "odd" addresses (e.g. 91.1, 100.7 etc.). I'm missing almost all my favorite local (Israel) radio stations??!!

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    From page 65 of the manual:

    About Radio Regions
    iPod nano can be used in many countries to receive FM radio signals. iPod nano comes
    with five preset signal ranges, identified by region: The Americas, Asia, Australia,
    Europe, and Japan.
    To select a radio region:
    m Choose Radio Regions from the Settings menu, and then choose your region.
    The Radio Regions menu also appears in the Radio menu.
    Region settings are determined by international radio standards, not actual geographic
    regions. If you live in a country not listed in the Radio Regions menu, choose a region
    that best matches the radio frequency specifications in your country.
    The following table specifies the radio frequency range of each region in the Radio
    Regions menu, along with the increments between stations (indicated by the ± sign).
    Important: iPod nano is intended for the reception of public broadcasts only. Listening
    to transmissions that are not intended for the public is illegal in some countries and
    violators may be prosecuted. Check and obey the laws and regulations in the areas
    where you plan to use iPod nano.
    Radio region Radio frequency specifications
    Americas 87.5—107.9 MHz / ± 200 kHz
    Asia 87.5—108.0 MHz / ± 100 kHz
    Australia 87.5—107.9 MHz / ± 200 kHz
    Europe 87.5—108.0 MHz / ± 100 kHz
    Japan 76.0—90.0 MHz / ± 100 kHz
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    I live in New Zealand . FM radio Stations here,use even numbers ie 88.4 is there a way to tune to these frequencys . Thankyou kiwi1111
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    Didn't you read 0Ari0 post? Here is the manual the OP was talking about: http://manuals.info.apple.com/enUS/iPod_nano_5th_genUserGuide.pdf

    This Knowledge Base article looks helpful also: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3872
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    Use the radio region for Asia (not Australia), this will get you most NZ stations, including even numbers.
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    Did you read 0Ari0's post? Better yet, the iPod Nano 5th Gen. User Manual (direct PDF download)?
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    Thanks CMC SK. Yes I have read the manual. I was just suggesting to kiwi1111 what region setting I used to operate the radio function in New Zealand, as I am also from NZ.