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I've been using Boot Camp for a while now. However, I made the mistake of not activating XP. Now I am locked in a infinite logon loop, which I don't understand, if it wasn't activated...? So I need to access the Safe Mode in XP, by pressing F8 at startup etc. But everytime I select Safe Mode, I get a few lines of MS-DOS code, then the screen goes black, and all I see is this evil-looking, flashin white bar at the top of the screen. You know, the typical MS-DOS thingie. Only I can't type anything.
What should I do? I'd rather not re-install, ive got a lot of important info on there...

iMac 3,06 GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    i have this issue now too, i turned off my computer last night which was working perfectly and tonight it just keeps rebooting itself , i tried the other options and nothing works it just reboots again...the mac part itself works great, using it now but my bootcamp partition is screwed up and i dont want to lose all my info