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Very strange today I notice a bug. I copied all my photos from a SanDisk Extreme III CF card to my folder on my MBP with MacOS 10.5.8 . I start my import like I always do in aperture and bingo when it was completed, I start to tag them and all. Well to my surprised I realized that lots of my pictures weren't in aperture. I reopened the Import but it wouldn't see the images that I could see in the finder but not thru Aperture.

I reconnect my CF card and imported the images directly from there because Aperture could see the images on my card.

Anyone had that bug before ? Very very strange... All the pictures I couldn't see in the import were in my folder on my desktop, they weren't corrupted because I could see them and open them in Capture NX or Photoshop... but Aperture couldn't see them until I reconnected my CF card to my Mac.

thanks a lot in advance!!!
Very bizarre...

MBP 15 inches Mat 2008, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Aperture 2.1.4
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    I forgot to saw it was .NEF file from D300. Never saw that before... first time I've notice... I hope it was the first time... else I might have lost some good pics
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    I, too, am having the same problem. I have not had a problem before, and have imported into Aperture using several different methods.

    I did recently upgrade to Snow Leopard, and have been using the Image Capture utility. I used Image Capture to import and delete the files on my card, and then tried importing from my usual directory into Aperture. At first, it showed "importing" and the activity wheel for 3-4 minutes. I only had 50 photos, so I canceled and tried again. I could not see them, with or without "Do not import duplicates" selected. I quit Aperture, tried again. I tried creating a new project file, still could not see them. I then moved the files to another directory. Still did not see them. I quit Aperture, tried again, and it finally did see the files in that new directory. I was importing JPEG files, but did have a mixture of .MOV and .THM files in the same directory originally.