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Neil Rifenbark Level 1 Level 1
I run OS 10.6.1 on my MacBook Pro laptop. After installing SL, I bought a PIXMA MX860. Of course I found that the CD install disc would not work - period. So I downloaded everything from the Canon USA website that seemed to apply. I wanted to connect the printer to the Airport Extreme and print wirelessly. Eventually, I did load the USB driver and the Bonjour driver plus the scanner driver and I can print wirelessly.

I eventually found the Canon Utilities in BJPrinter and IJScanner in Library>Printers. But IJ Network Scan Utility won't load at all (nothing when I double click on it); IJ Network Tool opens to a window with "Setup" but sees nothing so there isn't anything I can do with that; IJ Printer Utility does see a printer and I think I did manage to set the printer up for wireless although I actually want to use the printer as wired LAN; CIJAutosetup won't open "unexectedly quit"; Solution Menu opens but sees nothing so there is no where to go with that.

I am, however, successfully printing with the connection from my Airport Extreme to the printer so I am thankful for that. I see no option anywhere though to print from one tray or the other. It is printing from the cassette.

How do I get it to print from the rear paper feeder?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
  • Bruce De Benedictis Level 4 Level 4
    The choice of tray is in Quality & Media.

    If you use the cassette for the paper you use most often, and the other tray for everything else, you can tell the printer what is in the cassette by pressing the Paper Allocation button, and set the default to Paper Allocation. You can set your Standard printer setup to that at
    Choose the printer and you will be given the opportunity to choose the defaults.
  • PAHU Level 6 Level 6
    Hello Neil,

    In order to use the MX860 as a wireless or wired device, you have to first connect it directly to your Mac via USB so that you can configure the network settings.

    Since it sounds like you have already configured the printer for wireless, you will to change the MX860 to use Wired LAN rather than Wireless, which can be done via the MX860 control panel.

    1. Select the Settings menu (the icon with the pliers and screwdriver) and press OK
    2. Select Device Settings and press OK
    3. Scroll down to LAN settings and press OK
    4. At the 'Change wireless/wired' menu, select Wired and press OK
    5. Press the Home button to exit the Settings menu

    Now that you have the wired network setting enabled, you can open the Canon IJ Printer utility again, which is available via the USB print queue - saving you the trouble with navigating to the Canon > BJPrinter folder. With the USB printer selected, press Options & Supplies > Utilities > Open Utility.

    From the Canon IJ Printer Utility, select the USB printer and press the Network Settings button. This will open the Canon IJ Network Tool. Here you will be able to configure the wired network settings for IPv4 to match you Airport network settings. If you are not sure what to configure you the network settings to then set the TCP/IP Setting to 'Get IP address automatically' and press OK. Now that the IP address is set you can exit the Network Tool and add the printer / scanner again.

    To add the scanner, select to Add and choose the Default browser view. The MX860 as a scanner (Bonjour Scanner) will appear reasonably quickly. Select this and OK for the scanner to be added to your list.

    To add the printer, select to Add and choose the Default browser view again. You will see the scanner appear first, but wait - it can take several seconds for the printer to appear. When it does, it will in the Kind column as 'canonijnetwork'. Select this and click Add to complete.

    Regarding the Solution Menu, it is just a shortcut window for other applications, such as MP Navigator (for scanning) and Easy PhotoPrint. You don't really need it to use the device so you could trash the application, which resides in Applications > Canon Utilities.

    Regarding the paper source selection, this is available via the Quality & Media menu, under Paper Source > Rear Tray.

  • Neil Rifenbark Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks for the tips. At this point the printer will print wired to LAN -- and in MS Word I do see the tray selection. But no tray selection when attempting to print out of iPhoto. Oh well, may that is not supported. I just wanted to be able to load photo paper in the rear tray and when I wanted to print out of iPhoto then direct the printer to the rear tray. I give up on the whole thing for the time being. At least the printer will print.