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LiveLaughTumble Level 1 (0 points)
Hi My ipod is stuck on hold...the little lock appears in the upper right hand corner even when the hold button isn't activated. I don't know how to fix this since it won't respond to any buttons being pushed seeing as the ipod believes its permanently on hold.

Has anyone experienced this before, or have any tips or suggestions as to how to fix this??

Thanks in advance!!
  • iNexxFear Level 2 (385 points)
    What happened prior to the lock getting stuck on?

    I have seen this occur before when the iPod gets dropped... As the switch is internal, and either frequent use or abnormal environmental impacts (including water) can cause this to occur...

    As that's what happened to my original iPod (white device with the first color screens)... I dropped it and well after that, it wouldn't unlock at times, or by playing with the switch just right I got it... Then I dropped it again, and well it did it in... I had to upgrade to the iPod video...

    Please advise if there is something excluded that you know of which could have caused this to happen....
  • GLNHP Level 3 (850 points)
    I have three suggestions:

    # you can try restoring the iPod through iTunes. If it is a software glitch, this should fix it. Keep in mind that this will erase all of its contents, so make certain that you have everything saved to your computer.
    # If the iPod is still under warranty, contact Apple about a warranty replacement. However, if the damage was due to mis-use (a drop as iNexxFear mentioned), even if the warranty has not yet expired, Apple may not honor it.
    # If the iPod is no longer under warranty, send it out to an outfit such as http://www.iresq.com for diagnosis and repair.
    Good luck.
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    i have this problem as well!

    the lock symbol has appeared in the corner and is behaving like it is locked (i.e. wont respond to pushing buttons so i cant reset it), though when i plug it into my computer it's appearing and synchronising fine, just like is normally does.

    it's literally just done it, and it hasnt been droped recently or anything =(

    did you get yours sorted?
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    I am having this same problem too. However, when i plug my ipod in, it will not even show up in itunes, so I cannot restore or anything. It just locks up all together. The only thing I can do is take it off of hold and let the battery die down, then recharge it on my speakers at work. I am hoping I don't have to break down and buy a new one!
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    My ipod was stuck on hold and what fixed it was holding down the menu and the middle button fixed it. It took several tries of me doing this to work but as soon as i hooked it up to my computer.
  • beckeleckle Level 1 (0 points)
    I just found out that it erased all of my music from my itunes so now im not sure it was worth it.