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Hey guys,

I need some help here. I just got my macbook pro, and i have a Logitech Microphone that I plug into my laptop via USB.

I was wondering if there was anyways that I could use the microphone as a DJ mic, say at a party, or if it could be used for speeches. How would I get the microphone to project, what program do I use?

I don't want to have to record it, and play it every time, so I just want to be able to project my voice.

Thanks guys, please respond ASAP, because I need to be able to use this mic, for the upcoming weekend.

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
  • not oakie Level 1 (70 points)
    connect audio out to an amp and PA's.

    connect your mic to the usb port.

    go into your sound prefpane and select your desired input source (usb mic) and output device (line out). it's just that easy as long as your usb mic is compatible with the mac.

    and if you need an answer within the constraints of your schedule, try google next time. this forum is about users helping other users, not users requesting help on demand.
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    Those steps alone won't send sound from the input to the output - a program is also needed to connect the input to the output. For example, LineIn, a free program from Rogue Amoeba, or this can also be done with Garage Band.